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How to Choose Best Computer Hardware.

A computer is a must have need for every person nowadays. In the growing era of technology, the name ‘Computer’ can’t be separated from our lives. But it’s always difficult…

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Blogging Tips How To Wordpress

Backup WordPress Database Using phpMyAdmin.

Many people overlook the importance of back up but in reality it is very important. Simply relying on the webhost to back up is not sufficient as they may back…

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7 Must Have Firefox Addons for Better Productivity.

The most sought after feature of the Firefox browser are the add-ons. It currently offers a great range of add-ons of virtually everything a user can expect. Here are some…

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7+ Most Popular Websites for your Custom Twitter Background.

Twitter is one website that is the first to strike the mind when we discuss social media marketing. Now, talking about the branding part, the importance of background design is…

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Add Instagram Style Effects to you Photos using InstantRetro.

The most sought after smart phone at the moment is iPhone. But everybody doesn’t own an iPhone, and all the iPhone users have Instagram installed. But not to forget, they…

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Free Blu-ray Burning Tools for Windows.

Blu-Ray Disc also known as BD is the latest optical disc storage medium with very high storage capacity. Blu-ray Discs contain 25 GB per layer, with dual layer discs (50…

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