PPC Management Guidelines for the Company Rebranding.

Rebranding provides you to help in managing the PPC campaigns of several companies. Rebranding the complete sites alters some important areas of your processes same as that in the redesigning of a site. It provides you the help in transitioning the old site to a latest website. There is also a wide range of problems that might come up based on the situation of your brand or your website. I you want to overcome these situations following tips should help you a lot.


Anticipation and Timeline

It is vital to get the rebranding timeline of a good sense. You have to schedule your work accurately. Also, there exists some very complex PPC campaigns while designing and you cannot use the similar account structure of PPC that you recently have prepared. You have to consider the suggestions or hints of the rebranding from the search marketing view or perspective while discussing the project. Consider the client’s results and the time takes to build out the PPC campaign and the time to match or exceed old campaign’s ROI. Considering or discussing these points will help you throughout the whole process.

Accounts from legacy or new site

If the quality score of your Adwords is looking good and the old website will be descending and totally redirected, then you have to make use of your old accounts and change over it as a new website. Some experts recommend to create the description in your account of Google Analytics to make sure each one included is present on the similar page. The transition in the website should be easy to understand. It is also easy to compare the previous and the latest data of analytics by keeping the similar account. You have to link the existing account of Google AdWords to the latest account of Google Analytic. If the current account of Adword is poor, then it is recommended to create a new account in Google Analytic, Bing and Adwords.


Employ the Old process

You can recover your previous account of PPC up to a certain extent by using the design of the new website. By understanding your old account of PPC, you can understand the issues. You have to change some destination Urls and also you will have to add or remove some ad groups or keywords. You have to do the old efforts within the given timeline. It is also crucial to create the annotation of some important difference between the existing accounts of AdWords and AdCenter.

New Possibilities

You have to research and know about the latest brand in the market with due diligence. New services or products also meant as latest brand. You have to determine all the possibilities available. There are many types of online services provided by a company WPromote, its a ppc management firm in la you can use its services for proper company rebranding.

Addresses effects

As there are more conversion points on the new site than the old site, hence you have to be aware. Determine all the points a white paper download, a newsletter Signup, a free quote, a contact page in your account of analytic.

Transition Paths and URLs

You will have to make sure that all urls are working properly. Also, you have to ensure all the functions of transition paths and also confirm the proper implementation of tracking code on all necessary pages before establishing. You will need to take some time to confirm all pages that sending traffic, their functioning and loading process.

New advertisements

You will need to ensure that the new marketing message should not involve the legacy branding. Sometimes, the new brand’s message coincides with the old brand’s message and sometimes they will not.

Data Analysis

Monitor the rates of engagement and transition of the legacy site with the new site. Several companies and customers will need to increase transitions or conversions while creating the new brand or new websites.

With the help of above guidelines you would be able to improve the PPC campaign issues and attaining the rebranding goals of the company. Begin with the timeline and objectives, and then finish with the analysis of data is a strong method to work effectively and online marketing initiative.


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