Dealing with customer inquiries and scheduling appointments single-handedly can be daunting, impacting your balance between work and personal life and impeding the expansion of your business. You aim to uphold a favorable online image through top-notch customer service, yet recruiting a permanent human assistant to manage these responsibilities is both expensive and demanding. This is where NewOaks comes into the picture – A tool efficiently handles customer queries on its own and converts your website into a powerful lead generation tool using intelligent chatbots for booking appointments.

Why Choose NewOaks?

While AI chat assistants can provide advanced chatbot solutions, they may not offer the same level of specialized text SMS services, calendar integration for appointments, or CRM integration capabilities as NewOaks AI does.

Core Features

Conversational Appointment Booking

NewOaks has been updated to better support appointment bookings through website chat widgets and SMS. With this new feature, clients can expect top-notch service whether they choose to communicate via the website chat or SMS.

Free Text SMS Chatbot

With NewOaks AI, you get an AI companion that handles SMS chats and bookings for free, tailoring client interactions to your data. Plus, it takes the initiative to follow up after a while to conclude each client engagement smoothly.

Streamlining social media engagement through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram integration.

NewOaks is in the process of creating a seamless integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram to streamline social media engagement. Through this integration, businesses can automate their interactions on these popular platforms, ultimately strengthening customer relationships and optimizing operational efficiency.

Live Chat on mobile

Improve your customer engagement and increase conversions using NewOaks AI’s Live Chat. This tool allows you to communicate with potential clients in real-time, making sure you never miss a lead. Our 24/7 support means you can connect with customers on the go, offering seamless assistance and enriching their overall experience.

Bi-Directional API/Webhooks

NewOaks AI now has a powerful upgrade that focuses on seamless two-way communication with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems through webhooks/API. This new capability enables the AI to exchange information with external CRMs, making client interactions more engaging and ensuring data stays up-to-date.

Talking Card: AI Coplilot Digital Business Card

NewOaks introduces a revolutionary feature called Talking Card: AI Copilot Digital Business Card. This innovative tool consolidates all customer touchpoints into one convenient platform, complete with a chat bubble for seamless communication.


Evolving Customer Service

NewOaks AI is a flexible tool created to simplify customer queries, scheduling appointments, and generating leads. NewOaks AI leverages cutting-edge AI technology to turn your website into a high-performing platform for generating leads, all while providing round-the-clock customer support. Equipped with multilingual support and document upload functionalities, this AI assistant guarantees authentic and timely responses to customer inquiries.

Multilingual Support

Effective communication with a diverse customer base is made possible by NewOaks AI’s support for approximately 95 languages. This key feature eliminates language barriers, enabling businesses to engage with customers globally in their desired language. With the chatbot’s capability to comprehend and respond in multiple languages, accessibility and customer satisfaction in international markets are significantly enhanced.

Boosting Customer Engagement with SMS

The SMS capability of NewOaks AI allows businesses to directly interact with customers through text messages. The interactive chatbot responds to inquiries, starts conversations to pinpoint promising leads, and assists in scheduling appointments.

Empowering Chatbot Agencies

NewOaks AI presents a holistic solution for entrepreneurs interested in launching their AI chatbot agency. Within the software, users can access tools for generating unlimited chatbots, enhancing team collaboration, and optimizing workspace management. Through custom domain white labeling features, users have the opportunity to showcase AI services under their brand, building trust with clients and solidifying their brand reputation.


Tailored pricing packages for websites of various sizes Our plans are designed to meet the needs of all types of websites, from small startups to large corporations.

Features Included in All Plans:
24/7 AI support
Seamless transition to human assistance
Easy multi-source training with a single click
Capturing leads effectively
Removing branding effortlessly
Integration with OpenAI


In summary, NewOaks AI provides a valuable resource for modern enterprises looking to elevate their customer service and operational effectiveness. Through its dual-platform support and advanced AI capabilities, this platform enables businesses to enhance customer satisfaction, break down language barriers, and drive lead generation effortlessly.

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