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What is a Mail Merge in Google Sheets and Why is it Essential for Email Personalization?

Find out how to execute a mail merge in Google Sheets and how you can easily personalize mass emails using your mass email plugin. When you are getting started sending…

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5 Rules for Commercial Lighting Solutions in Retail Spaces

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of designing a retail space. Commercial lighting solutions serve many purposes to the store owner, employees, and customers. Since lighting is so…

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Markup Hero Review : Screenshot and Annotation tool

Screenshots are commonly used to show a concept, a modification, or to communicate a best practice. Problem is, not only is it not always easy to add annotations to it,…

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How SalesBlink Make Salesman Job Easier

If consumers would like to reach a corporation, they would contact a person who works in the company. How can anyone know who’s the appropriate person, however? For this reason,…

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Buying a new Compliance Management Software? 8 features you should look out for!

Compliance is a burden that every organization and especially one that impacts public welfare significantly has to carry. No matter in which industry you are working for, you need to…

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Software: can it improve efficiency?

Investing in a highly efficient software can contribute to the upgrade of a company’s workflow and to the personnel’s efficiency and productivity. But it is greatly important to choose the…

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