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The term ‘Wordpress hosting’ refers to the hosting which has been especially valuable for the WordPress platform. A huge number of web hosts are already providing the WordPress hosting. Choosing the best WordPress hosting is not the context of this post. We will share it later.

Now, I am going to tell you about features of a good WordPress hosting so that you yourself can have a study on various brands offeringWordpress hosting and then choose the most desirable one due to its actual features.

WordPress hosting is also categorized into three major categories like shared WordPress hosting, VPS WordPress hosting and Dedicated WordPress hosting servers. I recommend the starters to go for the shared one.

Little stable persons can go for the VPS WordPress hosting and the others can upgrade to the dedicated servers. So, now I am going to tell you about the features of a good WordPress hosting, which have been shared below.

The First Thing

The very first thing is that the WordPress web host should satisfy the minimum requirements. Since, the WordPress platform has been built with PHP and MySQL, it is necessary for a web host to have their support. Secondly, versions of the various languages are also important.

The WordPress hosting brand should have at least 5.2.4 version of PHP and 5.0 version of MySQL. Apache server support should also be there.

Features of a good WordPress hosting Brand

Now I am sharing the required and very important features of a WordPress hosting brand which should be taken into consideration during a purchase of WordPress hosting plan.


A web host is reliable if they provide the same service as they have published on their official webpage. The web host should provide the same satisfaction to the users so that they do not get any kind of inconvenience.

So, if you trust a web host and purchase any plan and then experience no errors, no lags and high speed, then your WordPress hosting brand is reliable. So, to choose a reliable web host, always go for a reputed one.

1-Click Install Tools

WordPress is a very promising platform for the bloggers as it is famous for its features and flexibility. So, should be your web host. Various WordPress web hosting brands come with a feature called as 1-Click WordPress Installer.

So, you need to simply click on the button to install the WordPress script on the hosting server. You need to waste time and efforts in installation of WordPress on web host. A non-technical person can really frustrate in putting additional efforts in installation procedure. So, it is very necessary to go for the web host which has this feature and avoid others.


Speed is also a required feature of a good WordPress hosting. Speed is necessary because a visitor is always impatient and his leaving your website due to slow speed is not fair. So, choose a web host which has better servers and which provide better uptime in the range of 99.9%.

There are many web hosting brands which provide the service. So, go for them. More the speed of the server more is your benefit.

Customer Care

It should be noted that for a non-technical person, customer service is an equally important aspect. The customer support of your WordPress hosting brand should be brilliant.

There are many brands which provide all time available customer support. That means if you find any difficulty, the immediate solution would be provided to you. Time is money. So, pay a special attention towards this aspect too.

So, if you find all the above features in a WordPress hosting brand, then you should choose the same and purchase a long term plan of their service.

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