How to track a mobile phone by its number?

Knowing where a mobile phone is like hitting a gold mine you would say. But is it really possible? Well, the latest technology has made it possible for you, and you can also use this to track someone else’s phone. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the GPS location on, but is it possible without the gps being on? Well, if the mobile is in the hands of someone who does not want to be located, this will be one of the first steps. Can you just track the cell phone number? Let’s find out.

Can you track phone by just number?

Yes, you can! Well, you must have seen this technology being used in most of the movies and crime investigating TV shows. Mostly, it is the police department that uses this technology and shows how to track a phone number, and as soon as the person puts sim card in the mobile, there are indicators in selected software that blink. In this technology, it is only the phone number that is used and not the gps location.


Can you access it as a normal civilian? Well, these are technologies that government uses and are strictly with them, and so there is no possibility to get that system. As a law abiding citizen it is simply impossible for you to track cell phone number. At the most you can just get the name and registered address of a person, but this will not be helpful if your phone is stolen isn’t it. So there is also another way called as hacking that you can take. Well, if it is your own phone then in most cases the things are in the law, but what if it is not? Well, in that case you can send over a bug and then track the phone location. How to track a phone number?

This is how you do it!

If you have lost a phone and are not able to track it down with gps location, here are some of the steps that you need to follow. One of the first things that you need to remember is that the phone needs to be switched on for this technique to work. You can use a texting app to send a bug or hacking link that has this worm to the same number. You need to make the user convince about the link so that he/she is tempted to click the link. This will automatically install this bug in the mobile phone and you can track cell phone with number.

How does this work?

You need to make the bug access gps and then switch it on. Once the location is on, you can easily start to track this phone. It will help you track your phone and get it back if it is stolen and also help you understand the real time location of the person. This may sound and seem to be very easy, but still there are some complications that come along with it, and here are some of them:

  • The bug that you sent is just another text message and so it will not activate on itself. The link needs to be clicked upon in order for it to be activated so that you can track cell phone number.
  • The person you are sending this text to may not even want to see this text. How do you overcome this challenge? Well, you need to make sure that the text is so compelling that the person is moved to click on the link. So the text that you send out needs to be convincing enough for the person to open it.
  • If the person does a factory reset there are high possibilities that your sent bug will be removed. So you need to take this step without wasting much time.

You need to have a highly complex code that will get this bug automatically installed in the mobile phone to track phone with number.

Using software tools

There are also several software tools that are specifically designed to carry out this task for you. These tools let you track the contact list, media files, app information, calendars, and remote access to lock the mobile, and so on. However, there are many such tools so you need to make sure that you carefully compare the available options and choose only the best one available. Most of these tools come with a price, and so you need to select the one that is most reliable for your needs.


There different operating systems such as android, windows, and IOS have their own platform for operation and so you need to make sure that you get the appropriate software tools for this function. Reading more about the latest gadgets will help you stay updated with the current trends and get the tool that is best suited for you.

So can you do it?

Well, if you take it to heart you can also figure out how to track a phone number. However, it is good to be careful and be law abiding even if you know there is a possibility to do so with other’s phones. This will help you use this feature only for the right reasons and will not let you get into trouble. All that you need to do is to be a little more creative, target the right areas, use a systematic approach, and your mobile phone is tracked. So make sure to keep the above mentioned points in mind to get the best results when you track cell phone number.


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