Learning to drive can be a frightening and stressful experience for many people. So many considerations go into every lesson that the whole process quickly becomes overwhelming. Finally being able to venture out on roads adds to the confusion. The good news is many apps are available to assist with a variety of issues that beginners face as they gain confidence.

Learn Car Driving Theory

This informative app covers information without insisting users attend driving school. The selection talks about topics that would be important to anyone as they learn rules and regulations. Safety issues as well as basic considerations are especially important. They are constantly emphasized throughout the program to ensure the best possible chance of educating beginners.

Driving Theory Test

The easy to use app offers test questions designed to help anyone pass their driving test. Questions come from the Driving Standards Agency and many selections closely match those on tests throughout the United States. Several categories are prominently featured on the program. These sections range from standard safety concerns to general rules about handling situations.

US DMV Driving Tests

Users can view a wide variety of signs and rules for locations. Laws for any US DMV test are presented to provide comprehensive study guides. Practical questions prepare drivers for real world situations someone might encounter at any point during the process. Anyone can monitor their progress through the learning process and see where they most need to concentrate their attention. Another asset for this option is the ability for driving instructors to track educational achievements.

How to Drive (With Videos)

Videos are the most important part of the unique program. Viewers get to access a variety of selections. Each one covers a topic that is essential to beginners. Some of the popular choices on the app include a feature that teaches people to drive cars with manual transmission as opposed to standard considerations found in automatic transmission vehicles. This intensive period of study is simple to follow and clearly explains each step with terms that any user will understand. Anyone who has had to deal with the DVLA contact number realizes the significance of these issues.

Show Me Tell Me Driving Test

This special selection not only teaches users about driving, but shows them how to accomplish any task. Questions contain samples as well as information about vehicles. A dedicated emphasis on what could go wrong with cars or trucks gives drivers a better idea of what could happen at any moment. This preparedness is essential for anyone going through the process of learning.


Any type of GPS app will provide a great learning tool for new drivers. They provide accurate directions, but more importantly, these programs feature detailed views of roadways as well as other locations. Beginners can easily look over a route before ever attempting to drive or memorize current street signs for an area.

Driving is a complicated situation for even the most experienced professionals. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show over “840,000 accidents occurred due to crashes off public highways. The best training apps are only one step in the education of any new driver. This process takes time and requires a great deal of patience by everyone involved. With the right combination of apps and study time, everyone who wants to become a good driver can easily accomplish their goal.

Neal Bricker has worked as a driving instructor in the past and now writes on the subject of cars for multiple sites and publications.

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