Employing Statistics Against Slots

Slot machines are a concentration of technology. Each time a player pushes a button or clicks on something on the screen, a bunch of algorithms and mathematical equations gets triggered.

To simply realize the visual interface of an application, thousands and thousands of lines of codes have to be written and executed. This guarantees an endearing look and a user-friendly layout.

The more complex the game is, the more code has to be written. In a way, slots at Wizardslots are smart. These machines can adjust themselves to maintain the right balance between the rules they have to respect, and the need to stay endearing.

Despite this uncountable number of qualities, we are still talking about machines, a computer which has to stick with rules and follow instructions. We are talking about a ‘silly’ terminal.

Mathematical restrictions

Online casinos have rules. Each of them has its own rules, but when it comes to respecting the rules enforced by the government, all casinos must be 100% accurate, with no exceptions.

One of the most important and effective rules which must be respected regards the number of rounds and the balance between the income and the outcome.

Each slot machine has its RTP percentage (return to player), and this affects the playability.

What probably was not known is that this percentage must be respected within a certain number of spins.

What does it mean? This indicates that despite the amount of money that has been already “spent” by the machine if the percentage is low, it must increase the number of wins given.  Although the superb brain the machine is endowed with, it must respect math.

Taking advantage of statistics

Now that we know how math affects behaviour when it comes to payments and playability, we can easily understand that math is also our good ally.

Have you ever noticed that the best players are also the ones who know every aspect, every movement of the slot? For sure they have spent a long time playing but they have also learned how to use statistics.

One thing is sure, the math doesn’t lie. Same thing we can say for statistics. So, when we play at an online slot machine, we should learn how to read the pattern.

Each machine has its pattern and how good the algorithm is doesn’t matter. It will remain always the same, then it is just a matter of time before we study the mechanism so to learn how to beat it.

Good players know how to learn from repeated conditions and replicated situations, they study the behaviour. For example, they notice the reactions that the machine has each time they make a specific stake or a specific choice and learn how to use these “habits” against the game.

Final Thoughts

Human beings are smart because they think. This differentiates them from machines which can only simulate intelligence thanks to math which makes them appear smarter. If a human being has created it, another can dismantle it.


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