No matter where you play it, be it casino or in your home with your buddies around, card games are always fun and exciting. The entertainment factor is pretty high in card games compared to other games.

One more interesting aspect to note is that card games are considered as a good workout for your brain. In a card game like Rummy where a player has to remember the fall of cards and make a lot of preemptive moves, his memory and analytical skills are tested. According to scientific studies, card games have been found to change the brain structurally and functionally. Playing a skill based card game like Rummy is found to be helpful to a person’s hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. This results in enhancing a person’s IQ, memory, and decision making skills. We hear tales about how Billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates play bridge regularly together. Bill gates during an interview said “I’d love to play bridge. This game helps you to think. Anybody who’s good at bridge is going to be great at a lot of things”. Indra Nooyi, Former CEO of PepsiCo loves to play rummy with her children during her spare time as that is one of her ways of beating stress.

As Indians, we hold card games so endearing. Card games have always been a part of our culture. We play them when there are family get-togethers and during festivals. Heck! We have played the game even during long distance travel as a past time. Cutting across all barriers like religion, caste, age-difference, and sex, card games are the best way for people to bond. We still keep hearing card game parties thrown around by Bollywood Celebrities during festivals like Diwali etc. Such parties see participation from several actors, directors & musicians from the cine industry.

Considering the busy schedule we are running through these days, get-togethers have become a rarity. No longer are we able to enjoy the game which amused us, which entertained us for years. Playing solitaire against the computer is a choice but it lacks the punch of playing the game against a live player. This is something most of the card game enthusiasts will agree.

Just like everything in our life which went through a digital transformation, card games too underwent a digital makeover and are now available online. Online card games are such a rage among all age groups as it gives us the thrill and fun of physical card game albeit in a virtual realm. No longer would you need to pester your friends or relatives to join you for a game of rummy, you have sites where there are live players waiting 24/7. Moreover, they can be enjoyed from the comfort of your homes. Download a card game app, a multitude of card games are available at the touch of your fingers. One of the reasons why card games are so popular among gaming enthusiasts is that games like 13 card rummy allow the players to win real cash prizes.

With the kind of popularity 13 card rummy enjoys among all age groups, several sites have sprung up in the recent past offering online rummy to the Indian gaming audiences. At the forefront is, India’s fastest Rummy Site. Deccan Rummy, the brainchild of Deccan Games Pvt Ltd began operations in 2016. Just under 3 years, the company has registered a tremendous growth having more than 5 Lakh users in their ranks.

How to Play Rummy at Deccan Rummy? Well! It’s simple, you can go to the website and create a free account and almost get to the action immediately at a whim. You can also download Deccan Rummy Mobile for your android/iOS devices and enjoy rummy on the move. Deccan Rummy’s gaming platform helps you pick from a wide variety of rummy variants – Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Pool Rummy in a seamless gaming. For new users, Deccan Rummy offer Rs. 25 as Sign Up bonus and a 100% welcome bonus upto Rs. 5000. That’s truly an awesome way to begin with, if you are a rummy enthusiast.

The best aspect of playing rummy online is getting to participate in Rummy tournaments. Online Rummy tournaments are a huge draw among Indian rummy audience with players at all experience levels pitching in to hunt for a share. Deccan Rummy seems to have understood this fascination for online tournaments and that’s the reason they have huge stakes riding in their coveted rummy tournaments. Players have a fabulous opportunity to win from the colossal prizepool of Rs. 20 Lakhs in their freeroll tournaments and 12 lakhs in their cash tournaments. That’s an astronomical 32 Lakh up for grabs! If you are an aspiring rummy player reading this, this is like a jackpot you cannot afford to miss!

Additionally, you can get your known to the Indian rummy community by featuring in their leaderboard contests. A lot of gamers have won life-changing prizes like foreign tour package, cars, bikes, expensive smartphones and gadgets.

The hallmark of the site is the smooth gaming platform created with HTML5 advanced graphics and is the one that is tailored to meet the expectations of gaming enthusiasts. It does not matter whether you are a pro or a novice you have something that suits your liking. Beginners can read their self-explanatory tutorials on how to play rummy and rummy rules to get a good hang of the game. As far as the legality of the site goes, Deccan Rummy operates within the Indian legal frameworks and site is certified as safe to play by InfySec, an internationally renowned game testing facility. With end-to-end encryption, player information is kept secure and the site offers a wide variety of deposit methods using credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking and payment wallets. All our payment methods are highly user-friendly and completely secure.

It’s legal, it’s fun and it’s extremely rewarding! Whether you are looking to relax and unwind after a hard day at work or looking for some instant entertainment, Deccan Rummy has you covered.

With every element of fun that we’ve accustomed to in the past, now available digital, it’s clear where the card game enthusiasts are headed to these days. Do you want to hang in there with them? Head on to Deccan Rummy right away!

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