Canonical, the company which makes the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, Ubuntu have exposed that there is a deliberate application of Ubuntu software development in smart phones which can be accessible to Android phones the software will renovate the Android Smartphone’s into computer systems. Ubuntu is one of special open source operating system for the home PC.

Ubuntu has constantly been seen as a niche operating system, with anywhere between fifteen and twenty-one million users worldwide. This could all alteration however with the statement of a mobile version of Ubuntu, slated for the Android at the ending of this year. This move is projected to fetch about a great stir in the Smartphone industry by ornamental the competitiveness of the operating system with other operating systems used in smart devices. This precedes the ultimate release of a dedicated Ubuntu phone sometime in 2014. What’s really exciting is that Ubuntu can run on Android phones alongside Android with no require to remove or regulate any software.

It has been allocated as the next step in smart phones, offering users everything they could want. If the phone is linked to a TV, the screen display comes up on the TV and opens Ubuntu TV, especially designed for watching your beloved programs. Connect the phone to a PC monitor and it changes to befall the standard PC setup, ideal for gaming or browsing the internet to find the top android downloads. You can have access to your beloved free android games as well as paid android games. Not only this, but all your Android apps can be accessed through Ubuntu, which means that here is no must to swap over when you are looking for a bit of gaming glory.

Whether Ubuntu will be as popular as analyst’s advice leftovers to be seen. Certain pundit’s approximation that up to two hundred million users will be using Ubuntu by 2014, but we cannot identify whether this number is precise or not until we see what happens when we get there. But as far as innovations in gaming go, this new operating system could open up a whole fresh way for people to have fun the games that they love. Whether it’s online android games or something a tiny more audacious, there is no doubt that gaming can only benefit.

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