One benefit of using an Android mobile device is that you have options when it comes to messaging and other apps. You can choose a messenger app that has the features you like instead of feeling stuck with the one included on your phone. Check out some of the best below.

Textra SMS

This popular app features visually appealing designs that draw inspiration from the Lollipop 5.0 version of Android, along with smooth usage without taking up much space. Even lower-end Android phones can use it since it takes up just 3 MBs of space. You can utilize the extras within the app such as message blocking, image messaging to groups, and more.

Google Messenger

Some mobile users access Google Hangouts for video chatting or text messaging, but Google Messenger is actually a better option for texting on an Android device, such as the Xperia Z3, since it is completely dedicated to sending and receiving messages. You can include media files on messages to your friends and use the search feature to find a specific text you need to reference. The app also supports message archiving, emojis, and blocking texts from specific numbers.

Handcent SMS

One of the key features of this app is that it allows you to send free online texts to contacts who also use Handcent SMS. You can also save your contacts within the app and then use a tablet or computer to send online messages. It’s easy to keep your confidential messages secure with a password-protected Private Box.

Hello SMS

Often compared to the simple and sleek design of Gmail, Hello SMS makes it easier to view both SMS and MMS messages. It also allows you to switch between conversations quickly, so texting fanatics will love being able to talk to multiple people quickly and efficiently. The app does request that you send an invite to your contacts to use it, but you can bypass that and still use the app if you’d rather not.

Chomp SMS

Android has more customizable options than other platforms, and Chomp SMS is no exception. You can choose your favorite picture as the wallpaper in the app, or you can access the 800 emojis. Other key features include scheduling a text to send at a specific time or stop a text mid-send. Click here to check out the customizable Android phones available on T-Mobile, like the Xperia Z3.


If you are looking for a simpler option for texting, check out QKSMS. Also called Quick SMS, this sleek app is easy to use but still offers an interface that gives you what you need to send a text. The app developers work diligently to improve the app and continue to promise no ads, ever, even though it is free. You can upgrade to the pro version for automatic mode switching and additional themes. Choose from colors and designs that you like to customize it to fit your personality.

Send messages on your terms with these apps that make it easier to change fonts and create a more customized experience for texting with friends and family.

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