Since its introduction just a mere two years ago, Instagram has become not only one of the most popular photography apps but also one of the overall most used apps across categories. There are also many different applications that can be downloaded and installed on new mobile phones to make the Instagram experience even better.

Diptic is a popular photography app for download on both iPhone and Android devices. This particular app permits users to paste up to five images onto a layout. There are a total of 52 possible designs. With this app it is also possible to make adjustments to both the brightness and contrast levels. Frame widths can also be adjusted as well as border colours changed. It is also possible to use Diptic to capture the pictures directly.
Another similar app to Diptic is Pic Stitch. This app is only available for the iPhone and it free to download. This app also makes it possible to combine several images into one portrait. There are a total of 9 different photo aspect rations with this program as well as 32 layouts. With Pic Stitch it is also possible to customize photos with patterns, shadows, rounded corners and more.


If you’ve wanted to be able to use your phone camera to create some special effects as one can with a DSLR camera, then the Slow Shutter Cam app is for you. Another photo app from the Apple App Store, Slow Shutter Cam offers users three different shooting modes. With these modes it is able to apply slow shutter effects to photos. For instance, with automatic, it is possible to create images that are blurry and ghostlike in appearance. The Manual mode takes in every light photon creating exceptionally bright shots. The third mode is Light Trail. This setting provides a space for effects such as fireworks and car lights.

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