Android is one of the most widely used operating system for today’s smartphone technology. Sometimes many situations arise in your android smartphone where you need to move a file on your Android device from one folder to another but you are not able to do it easily. A simple way is to connect your smartphone to any computer and move the files manually, but the problem arise when you don’t have any computer nearby to you. Phones like HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia and many other high end mobile phones have very basic file manager. so when you are stuck In such type of situation you can use the below reviewed android applications and complete your file management task easily without any effort or problem.

1. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is one of the widely used android app to perform the task of file management very easily. It is also one of the most popular file managing software you’re your Android device. You can use this app to organize all your images, music files, videos and all other files in your android smartphone.


You can simply explore everything inside your memory card and this application will enable you to modify your files easily. You can do everything with your files from copying it to either saving it. One of the great feature of this android app is that you can simply end all the process or kill all the processes that are consuming your battery without any reason. So you can easily increase your smartphone’s uptime and you will be able to backup all your files and apps if you ever lost your android smartphone.

2. ES File Explorer

This android app for your android smartphone has just everything inbuilt in it. Either you can use it as a file manager or any task manager or either as any type of dropbox client. This android application will easily explore everything in your memory card and you will be easily able to modify any file. I recommend this app for Samsung Galaxy S2, there’s no particular reason, but we have tried this on our review phone and it works very well smoothly.

Another option is also provided inside this android application which enables you to easily unzip any file and use it. You can also use the function of root explorer feature which enables you to explore all your files and data. Its one of the best application in the android market for your android smartphone. Another great creation used by Android app developers.

3. Android File Manager

This is also one of the best application made for your android smartphone that you can use for the same purpose as mentioned above. You can easily manage all your files and data inside your android smartphone without having any type of external attachment. Android File Manager is one of the best and most used file manager app for your android operating operating system. The whole process can be done inside your android smartphone’s memory card.


This android app also comes with a task manager which can be easily used to kill all the unused tasks and save your smartphone’s battery life. So you can easily save your android phone’s RAM and battery. Comes with a very user friendly interface and can be used very easily and quickly.

4. File Manager

This android app for your smartphone needs no introduction. As the name suggest, File Manager app for your android smartphone easily allow you to perform many file management task very easily and quickly. This app has very easy to use navigate system and functions.


You can easily use the “Search” feature to search any file inside your memory card.Another functions like Create can be used to create new folders in your memory card, bookmarks can be used as a folder to store all your bookmarks in one place, sort can be used to sort all your files according to their name and size and much more. You can also remove or rename your files very easily.

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