Just in case you haven’t heard yet (although you probably have), Android’s becoming pretty awesome these days. If you really think about it, most of the people who are getting into smartphone and tablet technology just now are choosing devices that run on the Android operating system. Sure, there are people who are still on Team Apple and make a grab for the iOS-friendly devices. But all in all, considerable number of the newer adopters go for Android.

That’s especially true for people who wish to use said devices for work. It seems that people, for the most part, feel that the Android operating system is better-equipped for the demands of running or supporting a business.

And there really are lots of Android applications focused on making work easier for people. As a case in point, we now have…

The RingCentral Mobile VoIP App for Android

A few weeks ago, cloud-based phone system provider RingCentral announced the launch of the new version of their App, which now allows you to make VoIP calls through your Android smartphone. This means you can:

• Use WiFi or 3G/4G LTE to make calls via your RC network

• Enjoy the full RC call control service – manage multiple calls, mute calls, put callers on hold, and the like

• Get calls on your smartphone as soon as the caller connects with your business phone system

Not a RingCentral User Yet? No Problem!

You can start enjoying this app as soon as you subscribe to a RingCentral Mobile plan – you don’t even have to pay full price! Just get a RingCentral coupon and enter the RingCentral discount code as you register to RingCentral so you don’t have to pay full price.

There is so much Android app awesomeness available to businessmen and casual users alike, and it’s exciting to see what comes up next.

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