Nothing seems to be more exciting than the news of release of the latest iPhone. But at the same time, nothing seems to be more panicky than the fear of probable damage that your new Apple phone can go through! So, if you have just received your new iPhone 5 or are waiting in the line to receive your new baby, it’s high time to think of its protection and security.Although each and every feature of this Apple delight is worth commending, there is one major and infamous downside. The back of the new iPhone has anodized aluminum that makes it easier to form scratches than the back of the iPhone 4S made up of glass. Almost 40% of new iPhones have been found to have scratches and scuffs after been removed from their polished boxes.

Furthermore, cracked screens have always made the iPhone infamous. In case of iPhone 5, the display takes on the touch sensors, which means cracking the device would invite a costly expensive paperweight. Okay, there is a one-year warranty that Apple offers to cover hardware repair along with free telephone support for 90 days. However, this warranty does not cover a few user-induced damages such as cracked screens. This has led many iPhone users to look for some easy but reliable ways to protect the iPhone 5. So, here are some ways to protect your iPhone 5.

Buy a Case Instantly

This is one of the vital accessories that you do not have to wait for, especially when you know that the iPhone screen is highly sensitive. But do not get a cheap case for such an expensive gadget! Such an invaluable gadget certainly demands an invaluably strong case that acts as the best protection cover against the expected dropping of the gadget. As a tip, go for a deep case that will put off the occurrence of scratches and cracked screens. To act smarter, buy a waterproof case so that it can protect the gadget even in water. So, why delay in gorging for a case that is visually appealing and functionally strong?

For those who want to protect the iPhone’s back without using a case, the option of adding a skin comes into play. However, although the skins tend to cover the back as well as even the sides, they do not extend protection to the chamfered edge of your device.

Apply Screen Protectors

Even the users of other mobile brands do so! The screen is the most vital as well as sensitive area of a mobile gadget. Just a slip from your hand and the screen is exposed to the risk of cracks. Therefore, it is better to protect the screen with a plastic cover. Although the iPhone comes with a protective plastic cover, it is better to apply another screen protector for ensuring the protection of the screen. As the time passes by, the freshness of the phone will diminish, thus, increasing the chances of damage. Therefore, between the novelty and protection, the latter is obviously invaluable.

Get the Novelty Insured

Every expensive thing in this world is now getting into the protective net of insurance. And certainly, iPhone is not an exception to it! By no means, iPhone 5 is a cheap buy whose loss due to any reason will not make you miserable! Irrespective of whether your new phone gets stolen or damaged; the lost novelty will truly put you into a disheartened state. Although there is no materialistic solution for your emotional loss, there is a solution to cope up for your financial loss. And this is none other than getting your iPhone 5 insured as soon as you get it in your hands.

Your iPhone is not cheap, but its insurance cover is cheap! Offering financial security, iPhone insurance covers your gadget against any kind of mechanical breakdown or accidental damage, which may not be covered by Apple. This means that whether your iPhone broke into two pieces or got plunged into the water; the insurance coverage will take care of it even if it is not possible to repair. Above all, such a cover can also replace the phone! However, ensure that you pick up the right kind of policy and read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing one!

Offer a Protective Shelter to the iPhone

It may sound a bit weird but the fact is that even your iPhone 5 needs its own home. No, this does not mean that you have to buy a home for it. What it means is that it needs a small portion of shelter in your own home. Instead of placing the invaluable device anywhere at about any point of time, place it a dedicated area when it is not in use. May a small dock or shelf at some height be the right place for your iPhone. At least, pets and toddlers will not be able to damage it!

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