You have an android device, have you ever thought about the security? Because in this rising internet era the questions on security is rising too. In this post, we are sharing five important and well researched tips that will help you to keep your device secure. Most new phones now have great security systems keeping your private details safe. An example would be the Samsung galaxy mobile which uses a pattern as the unlock code. If you are looking for cheap mobile phones online then make sure you look for deals through companies such as Phones 4 u.

1. Enable Screen Lock

Well, this is the easiest and simplest method, to prevent your mobile from others. Don’t you agree? What you need to do is just putting a simple password that you can easily remember, you can use pattern lock too but it is not recommended because people can easily get your fingerprints while swiping.

Because, whenever people will get their hand on your device they will face this barrier. Don’t use easy passwords like your birthday or ATM pin or you vehicle number, which people can easily guess. Keep a strong password that will burn even the hackers mind.

To enable a passcode, go to Settings -> Security -> Change Screenlock -> Tap Password

It is recommended to use enable Secure Wipe, If someone will attempt to unlock wrongly X times then it will erase your all device contents, It is helpful when someone will force you to enable your password.

2. Use Encryption

How’s the idea to use codes like James Bond. Yeah! You can use encryption tricks too. It means you can translate your data or content in a code language of your understanding. To enable it follow the below commands –

Enable data encryption by tapping Settings -> Security -> check Enable Encryption.

You can even protect your data with this in case if it gets stolen or lost, because it will be difficult for the person to understand the data. You can also choose some paid encryption apps for this like Droid Crypt or AnDisk Encryption.

3. Backup and Remote Wipe

What if someday you lost your device accidentally or it has been stolen. By enabling a remote wipe system you can easily control your apps or the images or data in your device, so that you won’t be panic of getting them misused anywhere.

Android doesn’t have such option as per now like iPhone or iPad, but you can use many third party applications available in Google Play apps like SeekDroid AntiTheft which is available at $2.99 or Lookout Mobile Security. which has free as well as premium version too.

4. Keep Updating

What you do when something doesn’t work on your device all of sudden. No idea! Then upgrade android or app regularly.

Every new version of apps or software fixes all bugs and security vulnerabilities that will minimize your risk too. Your device informs you too whenever there is any update. To do it manually go to settings -> system updates -> TapFirmware Update.

5. Watch your security while downloading

You know internet is an open source platform, so you can’t expect everything to be secure, so be careful while downloading anything. Look on the file and the site from where and what you are downloading.
You can even find many malicious apps even in big reputed places like Google Play because they don’t have any security implementation. Read carefully while giving any permission to the application while installing it.

Do share your tricks too.

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