There is no escaping the movie franchise these days, everywhere you turn a new blockbuster is being marketed. This, however, is not a problem as it inspires hit slots and allows players to see their favourite characters again at sites such as Who wouldn’t want a cash prize from Bruce Wayne himself? This is a list of a few of the top movie-inspired online slots.

Pink Panther slot

This clued up slot is designed by the creators at Playtech. This online slot features the beloved bumbling detective Clouseau as he changes his way through various clues to the diamond. The Pink Panther slot features a very attractive progressive jackpot and a jackpot only bonus round. Inspired by the cult classic film, this jazzy game features the movie’s toe-tapping soundtrack.


The most popular underdog inspires not only the hearts of everyone that saw the movie but this slot as well. Another one of Playtech’s developments sees Rocky get a slot makeover. Rocky is a traditional slot that is a nod to the film as it too has become known as a classic. With the same rags-to-riches theme, this slot has a low bet range which makes this slot very inclusive.

The Dark Knight Slot Game

This moody sequel to the Batman franchise features the critically acclaimed performance of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. His version of the character is immortalised in this game and the movie. With 3D graphics, this slot stands out among the crowd with its striking visuals that create very immersive gameplay. The Dark Knight slot features a progressive jackpot and low stakes.

Justice League

Another super slot to add to this list is Justice League. This blockbuster film brought together some massive names in the superhero universe. They have come together once again to star in this popular online slot. The biggest draw of this game is its huge stakes, the cost may be high, but the potential wins are much higher. With a progressive jackpot, this slot is very attractive and will tempt any player into taking it for a spin.


This Russell Crowe historical action flick inspired another hit, this online slot. Being no less impressive than the popular film, this slot boasts quality visuals and sound. The 5-reel slot features 20 paylines and a bunch of special features. These include the whopping 100 free spins bonus round. Try your luck and match the high valued symbols of the movie characters and you could earn a multiplier up to 2 000x.

Movies have inspired action figure, cereals, T-shirts, video games, etc. It makes sense that they inspire slots as well. Being the most popular casino game category around this is a good move by the marketing departments within both industries (entertainment and casino). It is a win-win as the movie gets advertised and the game is profitable, even players win in this partnership as can be seen in this list. There are fun and exciting slots that are inspired by films.

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