Top 5 Hottest Smartphones that would conquer the market by Q4.

The world today is hard to imagine without mobile phones and the possibility to communicate at high speed to whomever on the other side of the globe. The whole idea of communication has shifted rapidly with extra additions in order for the phones to be a little bit like small computers. All the data transfer opportunities, the social media interaction and the possibility to produce images and videos at will, have turned the Smartphone is the hit of this decade. This year’s most loved Smartphones are to have all the features necessary for a great interaction between the user and the gadgets and are prone to be market leaders by the end of the fourth semester. The top 5 hottest mobile gadgets are to conquer the users. Some of them were already on the market, while others wait to be released until the end of the year

1. Samsung Galaxy S3.

galaxy s3

Within the Samsung motto “inspired by nature”, the Galaxy S3 sticks to the natural feel even in the way the case is built. Conceived from brushed polycarbonate the two colors white and blue ensure the smoothness of the device. It is quite a large phone with a 4.8 inch HD screen. Even if it has 133g of weight the plastic gives it a light touch of weight. The solid Gorilla Glass 2 front ensures a great comfort resistant to shocks. Also the rounded design might not please everyone. However, the technical features make out of this phone an ideal way to joggle between looks and quality.

2. HTC One X.

htc one x

For the ones who are not used to large phones, HTC One X will look really huge in the hand of the holder. The 720p HD screen of 4.7 inches looks awesome and gives way to a vivid color technology. The nice side is that it is only 8.9 mm thick so it does not get to robust. Even if it has a large size, the weight is of only 130g, keeping the design of the phone within minimalistic trends. It has a MicroUSB capacity and also a High Definition link to be attached to a TV set. The on-board storage is of 32GB, but it may prove not to be enough for some users.

3. iPhone 5.

iphone 5

As the Apple guys have the users used to, there is not much to be said about the new iPhone 5. The total secrecy in the working team is a policy that Apple professes for a long time now. Only wild guesses can be done over this new gadget. People suppose that there will be a new design, as Steve Jobs admitted prior to his death that he was working to reshape the iPhone. Also the introduction of a new data transmission system like that one on the iPad could be one of the top hits. Apart from that, not much is to be said, but the autumn’s disclosure will sure make the wait worth as with any other Apple device.

4. Windows Phone 8.

wp 8

The top innovation with the Windows Phone 8 is due to the Start screen tiles, which are totally adjustable. This is good news for both users and developers which can customize it the way they want. The phone comes with dual core CPUs and a full HD screen. The new feature allows apps and media to be installed directly on the MicroSD. From the browser point of view, Windows Phone 8 goes with its old friend Internet Explorer 10. This version promises fast web browsing and better internet security. It also gets that true feeling of multitasking, by allowing both conversations and navigation through GPS at the same time. Also if you want there is the possibility to even play a game while doing all this.

5. Nokia 808 PureView.

nokia 808

Even if a couple of years ago the 13.9 mm thick phone would have been considered slim, the new standards consider the Nokia 808 PureView to be rather plump. This is why the company has decided to go for a strangely shaped phone with an odd looking camera protruding from the back of it. One third of the back is taken by the 41 megapixel sensor combine with a Xenon flash, the optics of the camera and the loudspeaker. It is indeed and interesting choice as the plastic cover curves to give a more normal curved touch. The display cannot conquer with the 720p of its competitors so the graphics will not be as smooth as the other devices.

The winner of this category of hot Smartphones will be definitely decided by the users who will opt for one option or the other. This actually means that the market will hover over the great choices and see which suits better to the needs of the now picky and more than interested users.

Author Bio:
Clark has owned lots of mobile phones over the years and tested a lot of them to destruction. He’s always stayed with Virgin Mobile phone contracts, for their service and helpful staff.


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