Whether you love to play the slots or you’ve just discovered this entertaining way to spend your time, Slotomania has a lot to offer. This is a brand new app from Playtika that lets you enjoy playing virtual slot games anywhere you like, from your living room couch to the beach. It’s easy to download and to play (great for the newbie!) yet innovative enough to grab the attention of more experienced slots players.

A New Concept

Playtika, Slotomania’s developers, are pioneering a new concept here. Beyond online slot machine games, Slotomania slots double as a form of social media. Although you have the option of gaming alone on just about any kind of computer or device you please, the games will be a different breed of fun when you access them through Facebook and get your whole gang of friends into the action.

About the Slots

Slotomania’s line of games currently comes to 55 great quality video slots, with attractive themes such as holidays, exotic animals and faraway places. They are outstanding for their top notch Playtika software, and have a clever, classy look and feel to them. Sound effects and graphics are high quality, and the games are simple to download. New games and new updates are constantly being released to make your gaming even more enjoyable.

Special Features

These games have a large helping of special slots features that help you to win, such as scatters, wild symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds. And what can you win? Well, aside from lots of lovely coins, there are also free spins, gifts and mini-games up for grabs. Play via Facebook, and the slots become a social gathering, as your friends can share coins and gifts with you. For even more excitement, join your FB buddies in a fast paced live slots tournament.

Unlock More Levels

Playing slots games is a thrill in itself, but Slotomania has yet another new wrinkle to add to the challenge. As you continue gaming, you will move up through four increasingly advanced levels, unlocking more and more games along the way. Signed up players have the option of saving their gaming experience. This lets you come back to the game and continue at the level you already achieved.

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