Everyone is familiar with those films where a smart and experienced gambler places a device behind a fruit machine and wins huge amounts of money with a surprised look on the face. Although they may be convincing enough, they are nothing but fantasies.

The truth is that an average player should never dream about such fairy tales. There are obviously a wide variety of Rainbow Riches tricks and strategies you might develop in order to increase your winning chances. You may find guides, odds, ideas and strategies. However, none of them can ensure a 100% successful rate. Everything floats around the possibility to increase your chances.


There are multiple Rainbow Riches varieties. However, the original and classic game has no more than 20 lines. Another common variety has only 10 lines. Dealing with the stakes per line usually gives you a higher chance to walk away with some money. Moreover, the bonus rounds are also more likely to show up with this style.

The simplest strategy implies choosing the most appropriate Rainbow Riches game for your style. Even if you find more successful stories regarding particular strategies and styles, the most suited one to you is the best to try. This rule applies in every domain. After all, the path you are familiar with is the shortest one to your destination.


The Rainbow Riches machines are generally set to a high paying percentage. Most commonly, the percentage goes up to 95%. In other words, the more credits you purchase, the higher your winning odds are. However, this is not a general rule. You might invest a fortune and still not earn anything at all. This is why it is highly recommended to play these games for fun and not really to make a living.

With such ideas in mind, remember that having a long term plan or strategy is the answer to a maximum result. There are a lot of players who rely on stake systems or mathematical calculators to come up with statistics and potential results. However, most of these things are pointless.


In an attempt to educate yourself a little, you will probably run into a lot of Rainbow Riches cheats. The truth is that they are nothing but the bonuses used in game. The bonuses are triggered by specific combinations of symbols. It usually depends from one game to another. However, all the symbols that have something in common can activate a bonus.

The bonus is directly proportional with the stake. Therefore, a high stake and a bonus represent a tight combination for a huge potential earning. This is what most players dream about. But then, you have no clue when the bonus may show up.


In the end, it is not really hard to rock and roll on Rainbow Riches. A little experience can definitely help you out. Therefore, as a beginner, it is essential to avoid high stakes or large investments. The actual winnings tend to come with the experience.

Most experts recommend playing responsibly. In other words, you should never invest more money than what you can lose. You must not depend on the respective money either. Finally, play for fun and not really to get rich. If you try to make a living, it is less likely to happen.

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