Debunking 5 Common Smartphone Charging Myths.

Today, most people, especially those in business, have a smartphone. Your social media accounts, e-mail, documents, and more are always accessible with just a flick of the finger. It’s hard to imagine even functioning without one!

Since smartphones are used so much, they quickly run out of battery life. Most businesspeople have extra chargers everywhere, like in the car, at the office, and in their bag. With all of this charging, there were bound to be a few myths that slipped through the cracks. Here are a few common misconceptions about charging your smartphone.

Myth: Don’t Charge Your Phone Overnight

This myth began back when battery technology was much less advanced than it is today. Back then, over-charging could actually make your battery less effective. According to, though, now it’s totally fine to leave your phone plugged in all night. Today, your high-tech battery knows when to stop giving power to your device, even if it’s still plugged in. You won’t overcharge your phone or cause damage to the battery.

However, overheating may still be an issue. If you’re going to leave your phone plugged in throughout the night, keep it in a cool area with plenty of ventilation. Remove the case, too, so that the heat from the battery can escape. Never sleep on your phone or leave it under your pillow if it’s plugged in.

Myth: Let Your Phone Die Before Charging

This is a common myth, though its origins are unknown. The truth is that draining your battery until it has 0% life is actually bad for your phone. Instead, always try to keep your phone charged between 50% and 80 percent. Ideally, charge your phone on and off throughout the day, without letting it fall to 0% or rise to 100 percent. Plus, if you let your phone die, it will take a few minutes to turn back on even while it’s charging.

Myth: Any Charger Will Do

Sure, you can save some money by purchasing an off-brand charger, but you may do so much damage to your phone that the money saved won’t be worth it. Ideally, you should always use the charger that came with your device. Off-brand chargers aren’t designed with safety in mind. They’re more likely to cause a fire or damage your phone’s battery than the correct charger is. If you need to buy a new charger and can’t find the original online, look for a certified charger made by the same company.

Myth: Don’t Turn Off Your Phone

It’s a bit of an inconvenience to regularly turn off your phone, since it can take a few minutes for it to restart and load. However, just like with computers, your phone should be restarted regularly. Aside from clearing up any bugs and helping the apps to run smoothly, restarting your phone will extend the battery life. You don’t necessarily need to do this on a daily basis, but once a week, shut your phone for a minute or two, then restart.

Myth: You Should Never Use Your Phone If It’s Plugged In

So long as you’re using the charger that’s meant for your phone, or at least a certified charger that’s made by the same company, it’s fine to use your phone when charging. However, if you’re using an off-brand charger, it’s not safe to use your phone when it’s plugged in. The phone could electrocute you or it could even explode. There’s a slim chance of either of those things happening, but it’s still not worth the risk.

To get the most out of your smartphone, it’s important to understand how the device itself functions. If your phone is always charged, you’ll never miss a meeting or an important e-mail again! Professionals like Ehsanollah Bayat know how to make the most out of their technology and business tools.


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