Joker plays a crucial role in Indian rummy. Being a card which will help you meld your second mandatory sequence and the rest of the cards, joker is perhaps the best card that one could ask for when you playing rummy. While rummy rules outline using jokers for melding the impure sequence, they help you reducing your points too as they do not carry any value.

Here is a complete guide to 7 smart ways to handle joker in order to make successful melds at rummy games.

  1. Pure sequence is the priority

As per Indian rummy rules, jokers can be used only for melding the impure sequence and the rest of the cards. Thus, your primary focus should be to meld the pure sequence without using the joker. Play rummy rules on pure sequence correctly. Use jokers to meld the impure sequence and the rest of the cards quickly.

  1. Use jokers optimally during the rest of your melds

Two to three jokers are always good to give you a cushion in the game. According to rummy rules, jokers not only help you to use them instead of other cards in forming sequences and sets, but they also help you reduce points in the event of your opponent declaring the game before you.

  1. Do not be hasty to meld cards with jokers

At the beginning of the game, when you are dealt with cards, do not hastily start melding them into sequences. When you play rummy, it is advised to understand your cards and the number of jokers that you have in order to explore your possibilities of melding them.

  1. Meld cards by grouping with jokers

The best strategy is to keep grouping your cards along with jokers. In Indian rummy rules, this has 2 pronged effects – firstly, you can explore more options for grouping when you do it along with jokers. Secondly, you’ll be able to reduce points in case of unexpected situations like internet disconnection.

  1. Discard cards close to joker

If the wild card joker is 5 of Hearts then you may go ahead and discard cards adjacent to the wild card joker. For example, you can discard 3, 4, 6 and 7 of Hearts as your opponents may not pick those cards. This is one tried and tested strategy followed by many expert rummy players for the rummy rules.

  1. More jokers, play wise

When you have more jokers, say 4 or 5, it becomes extremely difficult to meld pure sequence as you need to do it without using the joker. In such situations, you may go ahead and discard a joker in order to increase your possibilities of melding a pure sequence.

  1. Jokers and high-value cards

Often, according to Indian rummy rules, it is advised to discard high-value cards as they add up to your points in the event of a declaration. However, you may think slightly out-of-the-box and group it with high-value cards to form sets or sequences which eventually will help you reduce your points too.

Joker card – more than just a joker

Your success at rummy is determined by your ability to formulate strategies based on the cards at hand. Be prudent; make the best use of the joker.

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