Do, you dream of owning a private jet or perhaps doing a world tour? If, yes, then these could be possible if you are one of the online lotto jackpot winners. There are chances that you may not win the game, but there are specific ways through which you can maximize the chances of winning the lottery. Here is the list of six ways through which you can increase your chances of winning the lottery results.

  • Select the lotteries that are having better odds.

In general, not all the lotteries are having the same prize money, which means you can be rich if you select a lottery that is having the better odds. For instance, in US Powerball 292,201,338 tickets are sold. So, the probability of you winning the jackpot is 1: 292,201,338. In another scenario, Swedish Lotto sells roughly 6,724,520 tickets, and thus the likelihood of winning the jackpot is 1: 6,724,520. By the clear mathematics, you have 40 times more chances of hitting the jackpot in Swedish Lotto in comparison to US Powerball. So, try to enter the lottery games that are having fair odds of winning.

  • Consider joining a Syndicate

As per the latest fact, it has been known that 20% of the lottery jackpots are being won by the people who have joined the syndicates. Yes, you hear it right. Every single person in 5 hits the jackpot as they have pooled their money together, which thereby maximizes their chances of winning. Furthermore, syndicates allow you to play more games and thus let you select more numbers. This boosts your chances of winning the mega jackpot. Yes, you would have to share the prize money with your friends, but still, you get a part of the big cake. While Syndicate is helpful in maximizing your winning chances, it can sometimes hamper your chances as well on odd occasions. The scenario might be a member of your group being left out accidentally. In certain cases, the syndicates are very difficult to organize as well.

  • Some numbers have more chances of winning as compared to others

It is worth studying the statistics that how certain numbers tend to appear more in various lotteries and hence you can select the number based on that. Based upon the popularity, some numbers have more odds of winning in comparison to others. Let us explain this with the help of an example:-

Since the Australian Powerball has been inaugurated, 5 and 13 are the numbers that have resulted in more victories in the draw, appearing 93 times. 22, 31, 32 are the other favorite numbers that come out in the draw. So, it is recommended to select the numbers that are popular such that you can boost your chances of winning.

  • Play the correct lottery game

There are a lot of lottery games that you can play. These games can occur nationally as well as locally. National lottery games come up with much broader number pool as compared to a state or local lottery games. However, in the local lottery, you would need to be present physically while the draw is taking place and hence it has more chances of winning as compared to national lottery draws.

  • Select a particular time to purchase your ticket

It is believed that the time when you purchase the lottery ticket is key to winning the lottery draw. Mathematically it doesn’t make a major difference, but as per the statistics, it has been seen that the jackpot winners had bought their tickets on Friday evening. So, next time when you buy a ticket make sure you do it on that particular day itself.

  • Be sensible while buying the lottery ticket

It is usually seen that people most often forget about the fact that playing a lottery game is a form of gambling and hence it can cost you a substantial amount if played more often. Make sure you take into account the money that you are earning as an income and the other expenses that you are drawing and then set your monthly or weekly budget on playing lottery games. This would indeed help you to manage your expenses sensibly and also the winning on lottery draw can be used in other sensible things rather than just buying more lottery tickets.

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