5 Tips for Preparing Yourself as a Professional Poker Player.

For those who catch the poker bug, it can be very difficult to shake off. When you have hit a level where you are the most revered player among your friends and see the game as more of an obsession, there can be a point where you consider doing it for a living. After all, you’re good, right? Just how good are you?

While mastering the rudiments of poker is not quite enough to carry you through the elite halls of the professionals, like anything in life, if you have the passion, discipline, and desire to improve and be the best, you have a shot. Even if you are a beginner with lofty ambitions, start playing. 188Bet has different poker tournaments available. Read books, research, so everything within your power to gorge on as much information as possible!

Below you will find five essential tips to help you on your way to global stardom as a pro poker player

  1. Read, study, watch videos and simply breathe poker

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Well, it may be obvious to some, but there are plenty of failed would be poker stars who were assured of greatness of the back of a couple of 2 dollar games with friends. You’re going to need a whole lot more than that to succeed. There are millions of players around the world more than likely at a level much better than you are. Your job is to become better than them. Get your head into books, watch videos and keep at it!

  1. Don’t give up your day job…yet

While it may be tempting to leave your office job with the proceeds of your next paycheck (which are obviously going to use to win your first million), the realities are much harsher. In order to play, you must have a bankroll. Gradually ease yourself into the game. By all means, if you are making thousands frequently and killing it, make the jump. If you won $42 in a freeroll, chances are this won’t take you too far.

  1. Try to live like a pro player for a week or two

This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing sunglasses at night and showing absolutely no emotion or facial expressions. Take a vacation from work, and strategize. Plan how you will approach each day and how much you are willing to lose in order to win big. You may get a better idea of your capabilities and if this is right for you.

  1. Play demos and free games

Much like sparring for a boxer, this will give you a generally risk-free taste of what you are to expect in a real game. While it is not exactly a legitimate way of playing, as there is no money involved, you can better familiarize yourself with rules, order, and control over your bankroll.

  1. Start small and build up over time

You wouldn’t run a marathon before first tackling a 5k, right? Ease yourself into things gradually and avoid the temptation to throw yourself into things head first. The chances are that you will learn at a greater rate, and won’t be put off by any experiences bad enough to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Figure out what exactly you can afford to spend, and the limit to what you can lose. Be judicious and sensible and you will reap the rewards.


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