Android users now have great apps to cure their hunger for crosswords. Gone are the days of solving the crosswords on the newspaper. It is too much of a hassle to carry newspapers rolled up with you every time and everywhere you go. Thus mobile apps for crosswords makes sense. Though the feel of the newspaper is absent but the variety that the apps have to offer is brilliant. Mentioned below are five crossword apps that come in android. there are many other different mobile sites on which you can find different kind of crosswords apps for your android mobile.

1. Shortyz Crosswords



This crossword app provides android users with free crosswords to solve. As soon as the application is installed it starts to download crosswords from famous publications like the People Magazine, LA Times, USA Today, Washington posts and much more. There are varying levels of difficulty in the application. The crosswords from LA Times and Washington Posts are tougher than the rest. The user can also save or delete crosswords that they have solved.

The app also has the feature to download the crosswords automatically from various publications. Most of the publications are but some require a fee.

2. Crosswords



This app resembles scrabble and even follow the same rules. The user can play in single player mode or go against three human players on networking or robot players. The app keeps a track of the scores and provides the user with hints if asked. Various language options are also available. It is a free app and is available in beta version. The app also has a timer feature which times the user’s game.


3. Crosswords Plus



It is proper crossword playing app for android users. It does not have its own crosswords so the user has to download his/her own crossword. It is’nt much of a problem as various resources provide the downloading option of crosswords. There are pre-existing puzzles saved in the archive. The formats used to save files are ..jpuz, jpz and .xpf.

The app has a better gameplay due to the Portrait mode. The user can zoom in and out to have a better gameplay.


4. Cross Me



It is a Japanese picture logic puzzle. According to the numbers given in the grid the user has to colour the grid or leave it blank. On completion a letter or picture is revealed. It comes with a typical Japanese music and the game is quite addictive.

5. Crossword Solver



This is a cheat tool for crosswords or a vocabulary builder. If the user is stuck in a crossword he/she can use the CrosswordSolver. It has a range of 250,000 words. The user can type in the missing letters or anagrams. It works offline. The user has to feed in a few letters to get the right answer. There are tips and tricks also available in the app.

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