The Colorado, USA based media server Software Company named “Wowza Media Systems LLC” has given birth to next generation high performing end product to work for your media server. It is an award winning product “Wowza Media Server3”which was introduced in last year in 2011 is streamlined software for giving best kind of screen delivery. With the due course of time it has added more advanced feature such as adaptive bit rate(ABR)streaming, time shifted playback and digital rights protection to upgrade the product further and the conglomerate product of “Wowza Media Server 3” has been upgraded to more recent and standardized version “Wowza Media Server 3.5” with more add on features.

Now with “Wowza Media Server 3.5” software handling is more easy and user friendly and with available in the market with the plus point of affordability. With its high storage capacity it can deliver a high volume of audio and video clip page or footage over IP (internet Protocol) network to view it on your computer set(laptop/desktop), mobile technology(Phones/tablets), Television(IP set top box). This extreme streamlined product has a present subscription of over 1.2 lacs in more then 150 countries.

Usage of Media Server.

The growing popularity and subscription base has resulted into increase in sale of the product to large scale so that the subscribers can reap the benefits of economies of scale where large number of buy resultant into reduction of per unit costing of the product thus the subscribers like radio and television delivery networks, content delivery networks and other media enterprises are getting an affordable streamlined product and reduced encoding, storage and management expense rendered due to the product enables them to save money. The success story of Wowza lies in live television production course. The add-ons feature of the reproduced version of Wowza Media server 3.5 has enabled better delivery, protection, storage, integration and management of media streaming for live or on demand content, chat and recording. So it goes like this…with the streaming advantage of the product unlike “progressive downloading “if anyone is viewing your site then he/she can experience a live event without the painstaking waiting time of downloading procedure and the person can drag on its mouse to any part of the file which he/she wants to vie without spending much awaiting time for the entire file to get downloaded. Also along with this the media server provides the facility of storage for future retrieval of the content and with the advanced focus on safety issue the server has become more safe and secured and they don’t use much band with either. Unlike the shared hosting plan, media server is able to control all aspects of the content right form its fast display, storage, retrieval, management etc

Installation of the software.

Installation of the software is very easy with buying and downloading the development license where streamlined step up process is given in form of simple instruction that needs to be followed one by one. After your wowza media server is installed just save your exciting audio and video files to attract your customer base. Unlike other media files it outright the option of encoding too! The official site of the company allows free trial of the product, and for free trial log on to .

Learn more insights.

The popular Vivendi mobile entertainment of France is one of the client and user of wowza media sever software for their first legal Zaoza service for sharing and downloading digital contents.

Pricing strategy.

The company has competitive pricing policy and provides categorical three license package plan daily, monthly and perpetual based on the per day ,per month or per instance where where per instance means single copy of the wowza server software running on a physical or virtual computer.


If you are looking for cloud (internet) computing for enhancing your website performance or if you are a radio/television delivery network and looking for powered live content programming then immediate subscribe licenses for Wowza media server software3.5.

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