Mobile devices are meant to add to and improve our lives, but over the past few years, our reliance on mobile devices has skyrocketed. There are several reasons for limiting your time spent on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. To make sure your work life continues to run smoothly, invoice outsourcing and other ways of automating your processes will give you peace of mind.

1. You’ll engage more in conversation. When you’re constantly waiting for the vibration of a new e-mail message or Twitter comment, you can’t truly tune in to what’s happening around you. When you devote your time to the people in front of you, you connect with them on a deeper level. This is great both personally and professionally.

2. For the most part, mobile devices are a way to consume and curate content, not create it. Aside from using a mobile device to write or to take photographs, most creation occurs offline. Use your devices when you need inspiration or when it’s time to share your creations, but otherwise, break away from the online world to do your best work.

3. The less you have to keep up with, the more clear your mind will be. Do you really need to check your e-mail more than three times a day? Is there anything of value on your Facebook feed? Reduce the number of things you check every day to make space for what truly matters, both online and offline.

4. If you’re a frequent social media user, you may be preoccupied with checking how many likes or comments your latest post has received. This creates a false sense of value. You’re much more than the popularity of your Instagram photos!

5. Mobile devices can be used for automation, but they can also provide plenty of distractions when it’s time to focus. If you can get away from your devices and focus for two solid hours, you’ll get more done than you would in more time if you frequently checked your phone.

Reducing your dependence on mobile devices doesn’t mean getting rid of technology altogether. Instead, it means ridding your life of unnecessary mobile noise. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of technology and live your life with the rest of your time.

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