Computers and all the equipment that comes with them are an essential part in running virtually every business in the world. Nowadays when there’s a problem with the internet, an internal server or any other computer error in the workplace, most people immediately have to stop working.

Having up to date and efficiently working computers and equipment is therefore a necessity to ensure your company is working at its maximum. Rather than buying a brand new set of computers each time there is a problem or they slow down, simply upgrading certain elements will have them running smoothly and lasting longer.


Servers can quickly become overworked when dealing with exceptionally high data demands. As your business expands it is essential, especially if all the computers start to slow down, that servers are upgraded. Increased memory and quicker processing can instantly speed up your work process and prevent wasting time attempting to fix worn down old ones. There are hundreds of servers suitable for many businesses at Pinnacle Data, with it better to opt for a larger one in case your company expands and needs more power.


Microsoft Office is one of the most used pieces of computer software around the world, installed on over one billion desktops. A new package is released every year with changes made to ensure it is quicker and easier to use. If your business is still using Word 2003 then upgrading is highly advised, especially because clients and others may struggle to open documents you send and receive. This gives off a less than professional image.

Hard Drives

Adding more memory to individual or a collection of PCs is usually the quickest and easiest way to get them working faster. Install a brand new hard drive to each one with additional memory that will meet all the needs of your tasks. Putting in hard drives with more memory than you should need is best but choose an appropriate sized one for the most cost-effective option.


Even though everything is being digitalised the majority of businesses still print off documents and other items, even if it’s just for internal use. Printers can soon become faulty and there’s nothing more frustrating than reprinting documents until they print out correctly. Many new models include scanning facilities as well, making them efficient for all sorts of purposes. Regularly checking and upgrading computer equipment is a great way to keep your business running smoothly.

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