More than 15 million seniors live in locations where public transportation is sorely lacking or the costs are way too high for a fixed budget. In addition, over 20 percent of these citizens over the age of 65 no longer have the option of driving themselves. This results in limited mobility and a drastic reduction in the freedoms they once experienced, which can be extremely isolating as well as dangerous. Fortunately, a collaboration has occurred between grandPad and Uber that is tackling this issue and bringing options back to elderly residents.

Understanding grandPad

The grandPad has been a source of communication for seniors, allowing them to keep in touch with loved ones in a simplified manner on an easy-to-handle tablet. Large icons and fonts, along with vibrant colors, make it easy to navigate, while photos, phone calls, and video chatting can be done with a tap of a button. Assistance can also be obtained as member agents are easily contacted from the tablet if the need arises. This has allowed families and loved ones to remain in close contact while the senior remains in his or her own home. Now, however, the tablet has gone one step further in helping seniors engage in an independent and active lifestyle by partnering with Uber’s rideshare technology.

A Partnership with Uber

The two pioneers in technology have collaborated to allow seniors the option to access Uber’s services directly from their tablet. Pre-set locations can be input and payments can be arranged beforehand, making it easy to set up a ride to an appointment or for a social visit. Family members, with the passenger’s permission, can receive notifications of pick-up times and drop-offs as well as check in on where the vehicle is in real time. A caregiver app allows another person to set up trips remotely, taking care of payment details and pre-setting addresses, allowing the senior to be free from organizational tasks.

The integration of grandPad with Uber has opened up a new realm for seniors, allowing them to engage in active lifestyles with increased independence, all while maintaining a sense of safety. Gone are the days where aging meant isolation or depending on others for mobility: With a click of a large, colorful button, a carriage awaits.

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