What Do Customers Want.

A lot of things actually. No matter what type of business you are running there are some common traits, some common customers’ concerns that will apply in all sorts of business. Your job is to take care of them in order to run an effective customer support. Below I take a look at them.

Your business should be willing to collaborate

Customers do not want you to welcome them with a sales pitch. Yes even if the thing you are selling is quite wonderful. They are coming to you because they have a problem and they want you to help them get the solution to the problem. business-customers For example if a person enters a boutique to buy a blazer, he doesn’t want you to bombard him with all the different types of blazers you have. You see most people know very little about how should blazers fit. The correct thing to do is to first explain to him as to what makes a good fit, what is the ideal sleeve length, where should the hem fall, etc. and then help him find a good fit blazer. Not only will you make a sale but you will also get a far too satisfied customer who will leave your shop with the impression that you really help your customers out and will plan to return soon.

You should be confident

Your customers will not buy from you until you can persuade them into believing that your product will solve their problem. You cannot persuade them that your product will solve their problem until you yourself are confident that it will. Don’t think faking your way out will help you. It may work once or twice but if you really want to run a successful business then your confident must show through your shop, through your website, through your voice, etc.

You should listen to them

This one is really important. You should listen, and listen very carefully to what your customers are saying. And they do understand that. Customers notice immediately whether you are really listening to them or are just waiting to throw in a sales pitch. In order to listen to them you should forget for sometime about your products and discount offers. Ask intelligent questions that will show them that you were really following them. Then offer a product satisfying their needs. Remember it’s about them. Not about you.

Provide superior value at inferior price

This is the common sense customer service tip, of course. Why will a person buy a shirt from you for $50 when he can get a similar or even better shirt elsewhere for $40? In order to make the sale your quality should be high and prices should be low. This does not only apply in monetary terms. As the traditional business adage says – under promise and over deliver. For example Amazon.com is famous for its small delivery time. They promise to deliver in one week (say) but deliver within lesser days. Do you know of any other good tip on what do customers want? Let me know in the comments below.

Author Bio: Jackson is a hard core developer in a wide variety of applications. He loves working on open source projects that relates to wordpress ticketing system, developing tools etc and tests on his own blog by adding different plugins related to wordpress.


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