When you go to a rock concert, the music can be so loud it seems like you become a part of it. While that can be a cool, out-of-body experience, which is a good thing on some levels; on other levels, you might be putting yourself in danger of suffering permanent hearing loss. Have you ever wondered how loud is too loud for a concert? If you haven’t, you should. As fun as it is to be blown away by the music of your favorite bands, you don’t want to become deaf in the process.

Damage That Occurs

When you have ringing in your ears after a concert, you can be pretty sure you’re on your way to damaging your hearing. Once you’ve done the damage, there is no fix. For example, you could end up with tinnitus, which:

  • Is a permanent ringing sound in the ears
  • Is a problem that affects one in five people
  • May consist of a phantom hissing, roaring, clicking, or buzzing
  • Can’t be cured

Dangerously Loud Sounds

Wailing guitars and drum solos aren’t the only sounds that can reach the danger level. Hearing loss usually starts to occur at 85dB after six to eight hours of exposure. If an extremely loud sound such as an explosive, gun, or lightning strike occurs, damage can happen instantly. Here is a chart from KEF Direct of some common sounds to beware of:


Ear-Splitting Rock Concerts

Some of the most deafening rock concerts of all times include:

  • At a Deep Purple concert in London in 1972, three audience members fainted due to excessive sound pressure levels.
  • The Who gained the title of The Loudest Band in 1976.
  • Leftfield played music in 1996 that measured 137 dB.

The Guinness Book of World Records stopped giving out the title of Loudest Concert because they were afraid contestants would go deaf in the process.

How Earbuds Can Help

You can block out excessive sounds with headphones and earbuds, if you select models that fit your ears snugly. Choose models that:

  • Filter noise
  • Have high quality sound systems so that you don’t have to turn the volume up
  • Fit you properly

Your ears are crucial sense organs and if you lose even a part of your capability to hear, it can impact your life. When you can’t quite make out what people say, it can harm your relationships and job performance. Be smart and listen to tunes at appropriate volume levels.

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