Making reservations for hotels has been made easy for travelers. The advancement of technology has increased the probability of finding a hotel of your choice and making a reservation in it. A plethora of mobile applications have increased the chances of travelers finding the hotel of their choice, with basic amenities and desired star ratings.

Half the world is on an exotic location and the other half might already be there. Most people take random vacations, without prior planning of things. However, for most travelers and vacationers, a trip without proper planning might turn disastrous. Irrespective of their travel plans and their planned destination, Android applications for flight and hotel reservations are a boon for travelers. Android applications consist of handy features aimed to save your precious trip from turning into a disaster.

The essential pre-requisites such as making flight and hotel reservations to scheduling tours and finding eating joints or restaurants become easy with the following listed apps.

Hotel Tonight

In case, you are searching for a last minute hotel reservation, Hotel Tonight app would assist you in the best way possible. The app has been designed to help users save approximately 70 percent on Hotels Booking. The app can be used to make hotel room reservations on any Android based device. The Hotel Tonight app can be downloaded from Google Play Store easily. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Expedia Hotels and Flights is a free app for Android devices. It enables the user to make reservations in hotels, book flight tickets from the convenience of their smartphones. The app features Trip Advisor ratings for the user to view reviews before they actually book a hotel room and check-in. The Expedia Hotels and Flights app can be downloaded from Google Play Store with ease. Expedia app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Expedia app features dozens of deals sorting out popularity, ratings, price and distance. The application enables the user to gain access to a plethora of features such as locating nearest available hotel and accessible amenities. The app caters the user with surplus and comprehensive information on hotel policies and its fee structure.


The voice function in the application enables the user to search and make flight reservations, hotel rooms and car rentals directly from the convenience of your smartphones. The app includes features that enable the user to check status of their flight, view trip, Airport delays and schedules. The app can be accessed from Google Play Store easily. Clicking on the Travelocity app enables the user to arrange the list of hotels available near you. The app aids helps you search for a specific hotel, amenities and user ratings. The app comes with a single drawback; the user would not know of the precise hotel until he or she makes the reservation. The app can be accessed free and compatible with Android devices.

Orbitz – Flights, Cars and Hotels

Orbitz app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store. The app is compatible with Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS devices. Coming equipped with a plethora of features, Orbitz app caters the user with an option of making reservations for night flight, rental car and hotel. The app offers the user with adequate information on various hotels doing business with travelers, couples, families and singles. It offers reviews for the user to explore before actually making a reservation. Verified customers provide reviews available on the app. The app enables the user to inquire on flight status, view trip, check baggage information and receive discount up to 50% on hotels globally.


For making reservation on hotels and car rentals, Priceline is user-friendly app. The app offers adequate information on hotel accommodation, filtered by star ratings, amenities and price. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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