Today everyone wants that their domain name should be different from others. But it is a challenge as there are more than ten thousand domains that register themselves daily. Here are a few tips which can help you get an idea of a unique domain name.


1. Make your domain stand out of the crowd

The internet is overloaded with so many domains. How to make our domain stand out of the crowd? The best answer is to make your domain witty and clever. You must be aware of the fact odd things can appeal people more than ordinary things. So make your domain odd in a unique way. By this method, people will remember your domain for long. Choose industry lingo which is more applicable to your market rather than common usual terms which may already have been utilized by someone else. Use unusual phrases as these also have good options in finding your domain.

2. Initially go for .Com


One of the most popular TLD top level domain is .com. Org, Biz, Net and info are the few most popular domains which you can consider choosing. It is possible that most of the people out there prefer .com at the end of their domain. There are many people who are still unaware of the fact that there is much other extension of the domains available. If you dot have .com extension then one thing for sure is that you are missing a lot of traffic. Also people should consider this private domain registration to avoid the spamming and protection of identity. It reduces the chance of identity theft too.


3. Avoid using numbers and hyphens

Although there are many domains that include hyphens and numbers in them, I would recommend avoiding using them. I know you must be tempted viewing your preferred domain is accepted and you just have to place in a hyphen and that it! But the fact is that if you insert a hyphen in your domain you can miss a lot of traffic. Hyphens also lead to get lost in terms of translation such as if you guide your domain to someone over the phone. The same thing applies with numbers.

5. Considering the domain for advertising


When you are onto advertising something tries, to purchase the one that suits your promotion name. Then make use of that as a landing page. In case if you are advertising any promotion, you can describe the domain name in promotions. It will make your audience stick better to your product.

6. Keep it simple and short


Keep it as simple and short as possible. Short domains are easier for people to remember. So make sure your domain name has nothing complicated and which can easily fit into people’s memory.

7. Go for other TLD’s


It is good to pay a few dollars a year if you are getting huge traffic in return. You also get a peace of mind after registering to TLD’s. Cyberquatters and others are always looking for the new techniques on how to gain profit and so should you. If you don’t consider other TLD’s registration of your domain it is likely your competitors can take benefit of chances.

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