Offices have a fundamental role to play in the success of your business. They may only be bricks and mortar, but they help your clients and competitors to assess how reliable and profitable your venture is, impact how well your employees can perform their work, and even influence the business talent that you have access to.

This means that choosing the right office set-up can be fundamental to the performance of your enterprise, yet they’re a costly entity to maintain. With the combined prices of rent, utilities, furnishings, machinery, and cleaning and maintenance staff, the amount of money you spend on them can be astronomical.

Luckily, the beautiful world of technology has helped to develop some great money-saving solutions. Here are a few that you might like to try…


Most offices rack up unnecessary outgoings. In our modern world, the fantastic technology at our fingertips means that there is very little that needs to be printed, yet still we continue this expensive and wasteful practice. As insignificant as it might seem, paper costs money to buy, and multiple printers push the price up even higher. A simple solution is to digitise everything. Although it might be wise to maintain one printer, do away with paper wherever possible, and save yourself cash on materials, printers, and the cost of running them.

Virtual Assistants

Most offices are outfitted with a secretary or personal assistant. Although they can be invaluable in terms of helping to refine your image and carry out admin tasks, they have to be paid a living wage, and this is money that many smaller enterprises could do without spending. Enter virtual assistants. Professional, experienced, and knowledgeable, these freelance administrators can be engaged at a fraction of the cost of an internal member of staff, yet still perform the same handy function.

Virtual Offices

If you want to take things one step further again, consider doing away with your bricks and mortar office altogether. Not all businesses need a physical base, and if you’re a smaller enterprise, you may find that it’s far more cost-effective to work from home than it is to rent somewhere. However, this creates one problem: using your residential address can seriously damage your professional image. Luckily, companies like LEO provide a fantastic solution in the form of virtual offices. Offering businesses a prestigious postcode coupled with an expert telephone answering service, they eradicate the cost of a physical property whilst preserving its primary benefits.

Save money today with these handy innovations, and watch your profit margins soar.

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