The Best Technology To Take Your Business Paperless.

The business world has been boasting about going paperless for years, but it’s a revolution that’s not yet hit on a widespread level. Today, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, so it’s clear your desk isn’t the only one still groaning under an ever-growing mountain of files and documents.

Nevertheless, it’s time you tackled the challenge of going paperless. It’ll free up valuable office space, reduce your environmental footprint, and save you a ton of time and money trying to handle never-ending volumes of paperwork.

To help you get started, we’ve picked four of the best technology-based solutions for paperless working. Take a look.

Online finance management

With most major banks utilising apps that let you access your accounts and bills anytime and anywhere, you’re probably already a pro at using online banking in your personal life. And handling your business finances in a similar way is just as easy.

Start simple, using paperless statements and emailing receipts. You can also use a cloud payroll system to seamlessly deposit your employees’ wages into their accounts every month, along with an online payslip.

Paper-free meetings

Travelling to meetings on a busy train laden with heavy files and documents is the stuff of commuter nightmares. Applying paperless approaches to working will make meetings and conferences much easier to handle.

Use Google Docs for free through a Gmail account to allow the whole office and any outside contributors to read, edit and work on the same document simultaneously. Once completed it can then be downloaded and emailed to everyone, with no need for printing at any stage!

Apps for scanning

There are lots of apps for turning your smartphone camera into a scanner, but Evernote Scannable takes the technology one step further. From receipts to documents, you can use this app to attach scanned versions of pretty much any paperwork to emails and work calendars.

But its biggest selling point relates to social media. Scan in someone’s business card and it’ll automatically find their LinkedIn profile. Networking is suddenly made a whole lot easier, especially if you’re prone to misplacing contact details.

Electronic signature software

One of the biggest office time and paper wasting situations? Having to print out a document, sign it, scan it and email it back. It’s an annoying and inefficient process, but there is new technology available to make it a whole lot easier.

Electronic signature software offers cross-platform solutions for signing documents and contracts online in a secure and legally-binding way. In the latest versions you can scan your signature or a fingerprint for signing paperwork using a touchscreen.

Invest in these four technologies for a tidier and more environmentally friendly office. It might take a while to get everyone working paper-free, so make sure you recycle any paperwork that accumulates along the way!


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