Aternity with its FPI (Frontline Performance Intelligence) platform provides a never before end user experience in Virtual environments for better planning and management of resources and applications on Virtual desktop servers. This is accomplished with the help of a blend of experiential-based vdi monitoring and planning, together with real-time performance deviation detection. This leads to optimization of VDI networks in offices that further helps in the effective and efficient management of different users using diverse applications.

Not only the network would be highly optimized for maximum output but even the overhead cost spent on hardware, repair and maintenance would also be minimized due to better management of resources by experiential based Virtualization evaluation and planning.

VDI in general terms can be regarded as an environment wherein all the nodes of a network or systems attached to a network are controlled centrally thus initiating a benefit both at management and end-user level. It provides better safety measures and seamless user experience by keeping vital official data in one place rather than it being distributed to the end-user systems where it stands a chance of getting stolen or damaged more easily.

Application Performance Monitoring For Virtual Desktop

Since this new technology is very much different than the traditional network relations between hardware and applications therefore, a company must know how to implement it so that the optimum amount of benefit can be harnessed out of it. Few metrics will be affected to quite a big extent yet another few won’t be affected at all. The change has to be planned out properly and the consolidation on four given metrics has to be observed and kept under control using Frontline Performance Intelligence (FPI):

· Ubiquitous Application Coverage

The environment must support almost all the applications in the form in which they were being used earlier.

· Comprehensive Performance Metrics

The indicators of performance must all work out well i.e. – response time, throughput, latency and time taken for transaction between any two end users. Not only they have to look fine but they should give a feeling of comfort to the end-users using it. This translates into the ability to capture application performance metrics associated with each ICA or RDP session published from a VDI-based server, including identifying all the servers that a specific End Point is connected to.


· Application Usage And Productivity

The working environment is to be monitored as discussed earlier like peeping into the minds of the end-users and sees what they want actually from the company. Also the productivity would also be under the monitor.

· Real Time Analysis And Correlation

All the three phase i.e. the virtual desktop, application and user performance metrics are to be kept together. This would help one to eliminate pre-emptive errors.

Real End User Experience Management For VMware

The combination of Virtualized environment and latency is what seems to be the attractive part of it. PCoIP experience has provided user with never before experience. Also the in-depth research and analysis would help detecting bugs and errors at an earlier stage thus helping the manufacturer again. If used properly this technology can be really benefitting.

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