As popular social networking websites like Twitter cannot assure 100% security of the data shared through it, online conversations and data sharing is avoided if its business oriented. A businessperson would like to choose a platform that can offer easy and time saving interface. Moreover, users’ priority would be to use a social network that gives liberty to share and collaborate multimedia without any worry of hacking.

Today, there is one rising social network named Sharetronix that offers effective information-sharing platform and privacy settings for its account holders. Introduced with name Blogtronix, this website came in light back in 2005. Founder Vassil Mladjov proudly presented one of its kind enterprise social network, which now serves as “microblogging platform” along with network for communication. Users of different software platforms are actively using application of this network, if you consider 50,000 downloads worldwide.


This open source microblogging application can be installed to your device smoothly. You just need to pay visit to its official website and download the 1.4.1 version of Sharetronix. One can create an account with Sharetronix by giving their email ID in “[email protected]” format. Sharetronix would send an email to the same ID for verification. By following further procedure you can link with your enterprise social network in a hassle free manner. Sharetronix’s user interface is neat and effortless to work on. If you have used Tweeter before, starting up with blogging and chatting on this networking system would be seamless. Even if you are fan of Facebook’s easiness, this social network would be comfortable enough to use with some unique features. Some bullet points about its positive and negative features are mentioned below for you to read on and decide if it is worthy for solving your purpose.

Features :

1. One can create private or public communities to share information amongst their fellow workers.

2. RSS feed, comments, inbox messages and more are available on your dashboard.

3. Feeds can be classified and managed according to your groups.

4. Direct sharing of images, files or videos is possible while you message, comment or post on a group.

5. Sharing ideas gets extremely easily when you can add your blogs while collaborating on any project work.

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