Setting Up at Fairs or Festivals? Three Must Haves for Your Business

Not everyone loves the idea of opening a store and selling products direct to customers through those retail spaces. Opening a shop means that you must be there every day of the week or that you must hire people to run the shop for you. Taking your business on the road is a better alternative. You can set up at concerts, fairs, festivals and other special events to see everything from personalized gifts and clothing to kids’ toys and foods. No matter where you decide to set up, there are three key tools your business needs.

Advertising Sign

One of the most important things your business needs while on the road is some type of advertising sign. Some people think that they can just cover their stand with a tent and that people will somehow find them. Adding some type of sign to your booth gives customers an idea of what they might find there and gives them a reason to come in and browse. Try to come up with a sign that uses bright colors and showcases some of products you sell.

Color Printer

Regardless of what you sell, you need some type of color printer. That printer will help you make signs that you can place around the venue and signs that you can hang inside your booth or stand. You might make a few signs that let customers know that you’re running a sale on the last day of the event. Some printers are also great for making price tags. Instead of spending a lot of money on printed tags, you can make your own. Inkjet coding machines even help you make dozens of signs and other printed materials in a fraction of the time it would take other machines to print.

Cash Register

Whether you set up at a flea market, concert or festival, you cannot rely on just a money pouch or a standard paper envelop. You never know when you might misplace that bag, and you have no control over those who might walk away with it. A cash register comes with a key that locks the drawer, which can prevent thefts. Cash registers also help you automatically calculate and charge sales tax on all the items that you sell. When you want to take your business on the road, make sure you have tools like a printer, cash register and signage by your side.


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