Royalty Free Stock Photos at Depositphotos.

Launched in 2009, has proven itself in the market with their amazing and trustworthy services. It has grown to become the largest photo site in the world. If you are a blogger or site owner or photographer and you have not heard about this then you must be in dark. Depositphotos offers you royalty free images from their vast library for your website.

Features –

1. Huge Library:
Depositphotos have over 7 million and counting high quality royalty free files, which in increase day by day with daily up gradation of around 100,000 files. A huge number of photographers are adding their portfolio, So you have a vast library to choose the desired file you want.

2. Smart Search :
A vast library need an easy way to navigate the search. Luckily Depositphotos has an amazing search option which is easy to use and find the files.

They allow you to browse category wise where you can easily choose the files from over 30 categories. They also added a “Smart Search” option, means when you type your desired keyword in search form it will suggest you the likely results with related results.

3. Bulk Submission :
It is an amazing feature for the sellers, If you’re a consistent photographer and want to submit the photos in bulk for sale, you can do it by your hard drive easily.

4. Affiliate Program :
This is the thing which attracts people, don’t you agree? They offers an affiliate program, so now you can earn from your sales and promotions.

If you are a photographers and contribute large then you can negotiate the terms. Their royalty starts from 40% for non-exclusive members goes till 60% for exclusive members.


Payment Option:

It is worth to buy it’s $69 subscription plan for a month which goes till $649 for a year allows you to download 5 images per day. You can download more than that but price will increase a little.If you are not sure to have this you can choose their free subscription plan for 7 days which allows to download 5 images per day, later on you can upgrade according to your satisfaction.

I am glad to say that they also have a feature to pay by SMS. Yeah! An average cost of $1-$1.5 you can get an image of any size. The minimal cost depend on your mobile operator.

Special Plan for Bloggers and Website Owners –
Depositphotos has a unique bloggers program and websites dedicated to design, advertising and stock files.

1. For personal use:
If you want to use Depositphotos, you have to contact them by mail including your site link, once they approve, all you need to do is write an original review about their services, pricing plans etc, including a link return to their site and post it on your website or blog.Once the review satisfies their requirements, they will send you a promo code for a free subscription account.

2. For Contest or Giveaways:
If you are planning to start a contest or giveaway in your site, then Depositphotos will sponsor you. Contact them by mail and they will discuss the number of prize subscription. Once your contest gets over they will distribute prize to the winners. It is an amazing chance to gets your website buzzing in the bloggers group.

With all the summed up features and the flexibility in subscription plans and features for buyers as well as sellers, Depositphotos seems to have a profitable and safe decision to contribute.

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