The term global commerce in regard to a team supporting legal actions includes a number of languages and cultures creating new challenges. The process of translation of the eDiscovery documentation in a huge amount leads to the involvement of increased time and money.

This issue can be tackled by the use of LSI’s services for the translation of eDiscovery and litigation documents related to acquisitions, mergers and other legal cases. With the use of modern technologies employed for an immense human capital helps with the translation services for documents with doubtful relevance as well.

Litigation Translation & Methodology

As the global economy now produces legal matters at global level, so this has raised the significance of litigation translation. A lack of proper support can put a delay to the working of litigation teams due to an excess of foreign language data, which is mostly inappropriate and insignificant.

Methodology: The process of identification and organization of documents in foreign languages is completed quickly with an approach of unique text analytics to the machine translation. After this, the processing of relevant documents is done by native language experts working in co-ordination with the litigation team.

This system is used by LSI for translation of data available in many foreign languages in both text and audio format.

eDiscovery Translation & Methodology

The information that the two attorneys exchange during any legal proceeding also holds a great significance, the documentation of which is covered under the term eDiscovery documentation. The process of translation of such an enormous data can lead to high costs of the service, while the LSI manages to keep the cost low by considering the importance of information exchanged.

Methodology: The value of the eDiscovery documents, to be translated, is measured by LSI with the use of a unique system created by expert developers, which is based on a huge volume of data transferred by the company in over 40 years of its service. We also hold an experience of serving the majority of the AmLaw 100 and about 50 percent of the Fortune 500, which has supported us to create a faultless methodology for translation. Our methodology begins with the analysis tasks including the analysis of the text followed by a search and an online review. Then the relevancy test is carried out through machines with the use of a self-created system. Next, the documents are revised by expert human staff having a high knowledge of the native language for the identification of significant documents that need to be prepared to be used in court. In the final stage, a human translation is carried out for the selected information for a final submission to the court.

With the use of this highly efficient translation methodology for eDiscovery documentation, LSI helps you save both time & money.

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