Unless you buy a new car with premium upgrades, chances are you’re going top get stuck with an adequate, hum-drum, factory-installed sound system. However, if good sound is important to you, or you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, there are ways to work with what you have and get the best sound from your system.

Though many cars no longer have CD players included in their standard features, these provide the purest sound quality to use as a starting point. If you don’t have a CD player installed, your iPod is the next best thing. You want to start with flat sound, with no emphasis on bass or high tones. Set the equalizer to flat, turn the volume to max, and the head volume setting to low.


Listen to simple music, with vocals, that’s low on bass to get a basic idea of sound quality. Adjust your equalizer settings to focus on mid-range tones, which sound better against extraneous street noise. Resist the urge to go full-on with the bass, as it tends to dominate the sound and cause distortions. Slowly turn the head volume up and listen for distortion, then adjust tone and other settings. The level where you get highest quality and lowest distortion at a higher volume level is the optimal range for your system.

You can find a quality sound equipment, like a Kenwood stereo system,in a variety of places. If you’re buying second-hand, you might have the benefit of purchasing a great custom system with upgrades in place, and you might find them at a bargain price. Just make sure you check out all of the components before you buy.. The benefit of buying new is that you get the latest technology, warranty coverage, and customer support.

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