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Speed and accuracy are two basic things which we look at before dealing with anything. One may compromise with speed in the real life but not in virtual life as virtual world depends on how fast we can move forward to beat the rest. Whether you are a blogger or are associated with any online business, you need to work on the core things mentioned above if you really want to serve all. Generally, bloggers fall into the hands of speed problem as at a single time multiple users access their site and like all other people I too faced this problem, and that is why I thought of writing this piece. At times number of visitors is not the problem as what creates the problem is making them wait to read what is written. This may annoy your customer, and the best solution is to get rid of such problems as soon as possible.

If you think low speed is the server issue and you can’t resolve it then let me tell you about my favorite CDN service provider that can get you out of the uncertain world of speed, and that CDN service provider is none other than MaxCDN. Before landing onto what MaxCDN provides and how it is really going to be beneficial for you let me tell you MaxCDN is used by many famous brands, for example, Nissan, Kodak and many other so it is service on which you can completely rely on.


Some of you must not be aware of the term CDN as it was new to me too once, so let us proceed by explaining the term.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network i.e. a network which is responsible for the efficient and fast delivering of data between extreme points or users. CDN helps in delivering data as much fast as possible and besides this, it also helps in reducing page load time, server load and bandwidth usage which in all ensures the fastest delivery possible. You can delete the cached files to regenerate the new ones, or you can keep them for as long as the time you want. CDN is a network of servers which are connected with each other through a high-speed data connection so that they can operate at a minimal possible time.

What is the need of CDN when we already have a well-established network?

This question is obvious to click your mind, and its answer is that although we have a well-established network but because some or the other problem this network may work slowly which will lead to inconvenience to the end user. So, to remove the glitch content delivery network is made so that the complete process can become faster and the users can have better experience.

MaxCDN has been my choice because of its features, and I am sure after working with MaxCDN you will also like the working experience.

Why MaxCDN?

One of the most important things to remember is that MaxCDN works only with static files i.e. it is capable of delivering static files through its edge servers. MaxCDN tries to maintain the performance by modifying the edge servers so that they can carry even the extreme loads without any issue. If you have an online business, or you sell digital products then MaxCDN can be the best choice to go with as it supports push zones. This is a feature which allows you to store static data on CDN’s high-speed edge serves which is important and helpful for the people that are involved in any online business.


Reasons that make MaxCDN best provider :

Great Compatibility : MaxCDN is the best CDN server that works with simple static, HTML-based websites which makes it compatible with many platforms, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more. Apart from this, it is easy to work with MaxCDN as compared to others and for the proper execution and easy to understand document has been provided on their website so that all its users will not find any problem. Every step is explained in details so that you can understand every bit of it.

Live Support :  There are many websites that talk about 24X7 customer support but later things come out to be opposite, but this is not the case with MaxCDN. MaxCDN provides the live support i.e. at every point there will be someone at your service to whom you can ask anything related to their services, integration, and your account.

Powerful Control Panel : Easy to operate is the basic need which every user want. Who doesn’t want to control efficiently everything without dealing with complicated processes? Of course, everyone wants, and MaxCDN provides does it for all i.e. it offers highly efficient, powerful and user-friendly control panel from where you can manage and control all your push and pull zones, SSL, caching, upgrading, maintain invoices and many other features and their functions. MaxCDN offers dashboard and controls to their clients which have made it easy and simple for the users to keep a track of progress. Through this feature one can easily manage cache and advanced settings related to every push and pull zones.

Security : Digital products i.e. e-commerce files, e-books, and many other things can be easily downloaded by anyone if they are not secured. So, to save your digital products from unauthorized downloads and protect your business it is important to protect content and account. If you have MaxCDN, then you do not have to worry about your content and account security as MaxCDN edge security system helps to create custom tokens and custom IP address. This helps in limiting the content visibility, and the user gets the complete control over the content management, content visibility, and privacy security. MaxCDN gives you NIST-certified encryption standards which offer highly secured environment suitable for the e-commerce.

Powerful Caching : Before telling you the benefit of having robust caching let us first know how our server works. Firstly when someone tries to look up to your page, then server takes every visitor’s request then server analyzes this request, after analyzing it retrieves data from the database and then serves it. This is a long process, and if you have high numbers of visitors, then this long process can affect page load time. MaxCDN provides the feature of powerful caching which in actual reduces lots of load at the server end. What it does is, it generates the static file so that each time when the server analyzes the request it does not have to look for the data in the database i.e. it will simply send the static files already created. MaxCDN operates on static files, and it is also true that static files take less travel time as compared to others. This way search time will also get reduced, and the user will be able to enjoy your fast services.

Pricing : The best reason for going with MaxCDN is its affordable price i.e. $9 per month which is not heavy to afford. Apart from this users will also get packages like a yearly package in which he/she can get two months of free service. It is not mandatory to use the plans at initial times, and there is nothing like you cannot upgrade or change the plans in between. You can easily alter the plans as and when you feel like without any glitch. They offer different-different plans so that you can choose the one which suits you and your work the best.

All we need to be fast and accurate so that our service users can enjoy being associated with us and MaxCDN provides this all making you faster and better.

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