Launching a business is always a stressful time. With so many things to think about and consider, when technology suddenly comes into the equation you’re probably most likely already at breaking point.
But technology doesn’t have to be the bane of a new business’ existence though. In fact, when implemented well, it can really be the accelerator that helps drive your business to lofty new heights. Get the basics in place, get your team in front of a reputable machine like a Dell and then you’re free to think about what other tools can help push you forward. Here are several things that might help.


Online Directories

Increasing your visibility and getting known as a potential solution to many people’s problems is the name of the game when it comes to business. Thankfully, in the online world, there exists many niche-specific directories which you can use as tools to register your business so that potential clients can see you. Hunting down the more popular ones might involve you paying a fee to list your business there. Alternatively you can also use the directories of major search engines like Yahoo and Bing too.

Automated Marketing

Email marketing can be one time-consuming aspect of your business yet still so integral when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. Using services to automate it, of which there are numerous out there on the web, can help you manage your email marketing campaigns and even help build newsletters, surveys and listings in to them at the same time.

Customer Support

Other great tools that businesses can use to help them streamline crucial processes include those that help make customers a priority.

Solutions like cloud-based software packages that help businesses track their customer requests and complaints, can be used to compile a knowledge bank that you can refer to later in the development of new products and services as well as improving your reputation in the eyes of your customers. The fact that these help take the sting out of customer support really frees your business resources up to go about tackling these problems directly and not waste precious time recording the issues.

Social Tools

Depending on your business and its strategy, social media can provide an excellent tool for helping to communicate your message and help establish brand reputation.
Using a variety of platforms or selecting one or two can be a great way forward on the path to building an audience and having people to engage with who can provide useful feedback on your offerings and help you iterate and develop as a business. Social also helps with more broader marketing plans in general, helping you get your name out there and cultivating how people associate with what you do through the content you share and publish on channels like Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Technology has many tools that can help you scale up a business on its way to success. If you aren’t already using the types of tools mentioned then perhaps it’s time to get on board and start seeing what they can do for you.

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