There is no more commonly asked question surrounding an online degree than whether an online MBA is worth it. What is an MBA worth within marketing? The answer to this question is a lot. There are a lot of reasons why getting an MBA from universities like Pepperdine University can really help boost your marketing skills and career. For starters, the classes included in the program will help you pick up essential skills like statistics, psychology and creative thinking. All of these skills make formulating an effective marketing campaign a lot easier.

You can also learn more about the market in general, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and react to market changes more effectively. Many MBA courses today add leadership and strategic thinking courses into their curriculums, which means you will also be a better marketing executive by the time you finish the program.

Marketing Executive | MBA Online Pepperdine

Find out more about the true value of an MBA from the Anatomy of a Marketing Executive infographic by Pepperdine University.

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