The increasing rate of cyber crime, data theft and privacy holes have given a serious warning alarm for regular PC users to take firm steps to protect their data from unwanted access. Experiencing Data Theft in practical life is a huge hassle and could cause financial damage too.Often, people buy/ download different software and utilities in an attempt to cover all data transfer channels like USB, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, internet modem and so on.

This creates lots of hassle as each program needs to be unlocked with a unique password. Again, keeping same passwords is inviting data theft. What is the solution? If same question surges in your mind, read below to know a very simple solution.



Insta-LockDown is a Personal Data Protection Software that prevents the unwanted access of private data by other users. The utility is programmed to lock down commonly used data transfer channels as set by the user. This desktop application is developed by CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd., the authors of CopyNotify , India’s Premier Data Loss Prevention Software for Small Office Networks.

What It Locks

1. USB – the application blocks the transfer of data (in any form) to external USB storage devices including flash drives, media players, cameras, pen drives and so on.

2. Disable Modem/ Data Card – under this feature, the app firmly restricts the access to the internet via any type of modem or data card.

3. Bluetooth – Insta-Lockdown restricts the access to the Bluetooth protocol which in turn makes it impossible for users to access the data via Smartphone and tablets.

4. Wireless Networks – The most common form of accessing the internet in today’s world is Wi-Fi. The application stops any such type of wireless network or Wi-Fi hotspot from being accessed via a locked PC.

5. Prevent Attachments – The clever programming of the application prevents browser based uploading of content to various web applications like Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, Hotmail, Twitter and Facebook. This is a great feature to prevent
confidential data on the PC from being uploaded in an unauthorized manner. On the compatibility basis, the application gets fine reviews again. The software works fine with Windows (32 bit) XP/ Vista/ 7.


On the compatibility basis, the application gets fine reviews again. The software works fine with Windows (32 bit) XP/ Vista/ 7. Other basic requirements of the utility are

· 512 MB RAM
· P3 Processor or Above
· 10 MB HDD Space

Security Level

Talking about the security level of the software, the application is equipped with advanced data protection technologies. Unlike other simple desktop locking applications which can easily be bypassed, Insta-LockDown Utility offers a reasonably high level of data theft prevention by locking the computer with advanced data protection technologies. Though it appears like a simple code framework, the application hides a complex secure layer programming algorithm. Plus, there is a further encryption layer which is makes it difficult for users to bypass protection in a unauthorized manner.

Ease Of Use

Despite having complex programming structures and advanced features, the interface of the application is kept really very simple. The control panel of the application is like a simple Windows Dialog Box with few child frames, radio buttons, textbox and action buttons. On interaction basis, the application runs in the background without consuming significant resources. For locking, users can set a simple key combination and/ or password. If computer remains idle for a prefixed time, the application automatically locks the PC.

Registering The Product

The application needs a authorized license key to unlock the lifetime version of the application. The trial version of a fully functional 15 day evaluation can be downloaded from The Machine ID (given in Control Panel) is used to get the license key. After buying the software users have to provide the Machine ID to get the license key.

Special Giveaway for visitors.

The company have offered giveaways of 10 licenses for (1 year protection) that too absolutely free. To grab this offer, follow them on Twitter @usbcopynotify and ‘Like’ their FB page After doing this you will have to leave comment with your machine ID on this post.

Overall Value

Overall, this personal data protection utility, named Insta-LockDown, is a perfect locking program for desktops / laptops. The application is getting fine ratings, reviews and lots of followers on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow it Twitter ‘@usbcopynotify’ and ‘Like’ FB page

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