It appears as if the battle between HTML5 and Flash Player to be the principal multimedia platform for the majority of internet users is set to be one by the former – but this is certainly not the way many observers thought it would be just a few years ago. Back then, Flash Player – developed by Adobe – had an unassailable domination of the market, while HTML5 was still in the development stage despite the support given to it by Apple. Now however, the flaws with Flash Player that Apple had identified, as the reason for its refusal to support the platform on its range of devices, has become more apparent, but how does the battle between the two affect the internet?
Well to start with there are pretty major differences between HTML5 and Flash, when it comes to how they actually operate, which can have a serious effect for users. HTML5 allows the user to support multimedia options like video, animation and graphics within their website itself, whereas Flash is an external platform that has to be downloaded externally. The fact that it works as an external plug-in is considered to be the reason why many are now turning to HTML5, because Flash is prone to glitches and even to crashing completely – which is not an issue with HTML5.

This can be significant for many users and websites, with gaming sites such as online casino ones likely to find HTML5 particularly beneficial. Online casino and other types of games are ever more sophisticated in multimedia terms, and the ability to support this media natively on the site – rather than having to get users to download the platform – will make them more attractive to users, and certainly popular for online blackjack Australia players. For one thing, it is simply easier for gamers that way, but it is also likely to make the multimedia aspect of these games more stable and reliable than it has been up to now.

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