Wanting to create a video using screen capture footage is one thing, but getting down to it and making sure that it looks great is something else entirely. If you want to make a screen capture video that looks professionally produced and has decent production value, the devil is very often in the details.


Right off the bat, here are some areas that you should definitely keep a close eye on:

  • Video and recording quality

In short, you want the quality of the video footage that you record to be top notch – probably 1080p HD video at 60 fps so that it looks sharp and clear. On top of that you also want the recording quality to be decent too – so no out of focus areas or even shaky parts or color issues caused by bad lighting.

Some of this can be edited out after the fact, but in many cases it is often better to try to make sure the original recording is as close to perfect as possible and to record multiple takes until it is.

  • Audio and voiceover quality

If your video has a voiceover it is crucial that it comes off as smooth and professional in its own right without any ‘uhh’-ing or ‘umm’-ing or stammering. On top of that, you also may want to consider using a suitable audio track as background music too – to give it a little bit of polish.

  • Additional touches and polish

Sometimes even the smallest extras can make your video look a lot more attractive. Sure, you could use special effects or transitions between scenes – but even more basic touches such as adding text to create subtitles, or highlighting the cursor, or even showing keyboard input on-screen can go a long way.

In order to really get a handle on all these areas you need to familiarize yourself with a screen video recorder. The easiest and most user-friendly option out there is definitely the Movavi Screen Capture and you should give it a go. It has all the features you’ll need to get started, and you can always use a video editor if you want to dig deeper.

By paying attention to the details and making sure they’re all ‘just right’ – you should be able to create a video that really does look great, feel professional, and will undoubtedly get noticed.

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