How to Know that Your Website Needs a New Template and How to Make Amends.

Are you having navigation issues? Or maybe you’re having sidebar problems? Does your website look old and boring? All these are signs of the fact that you need a new template or you need to make some additions and amends to your old ones. Here are a few pointers that tell you it’s high time and you need to take some action on the template troubles that you’re having.

Your site is just boring and looks old: there’s a good chance that your site might not have any real problems but it’s been a while that the layout has been the same and that the template has been the same. Think of it like this, every few years car makers give their old cars a makeover, every phone company comes up with new iteration of their devices, in the same manner you should also keeps things fresh by changing the template, this will also catch a few people’s attention and you might have a new pair of eyes surfing your website. Poweredtemplate is a company that offers above 40,000 presentation templates for different presentations and namely PowerPoint presentations. They offer different media clips, charts diagrams PowerPoint charts, etc. They also offer a few different templates for websites, so if you’re looking to find some premium templates for your website be sure to give it a shot.

When your sidebar is much longer than the main content area: your website will have different sections and different pages which are in turn going to be of different lengths, but your side bar will remain the same. What this means is that at times you’re going to stumble upon pages and certain sections of your website where the sidebar is ridiculously larger than the main content area itself. To make amends start with balancing the amount of information in the side bar as opposed to the content area. Sidebar usually has only important information as contact information, social media buttons, about the company, and etc. Another option is to switch to a template with a side bar on the bottom. You can find these templates on good corporate template selling site which you will learn about later in this article.

When the horizontal navigation menu breaks into two or more lines: horizontal navigation menus work best on website only if you fit all the items on menu in one line. Most people opt to give all the options on their navigation bar at first but what they do not realise is that it gets overwhelming for people and it is better to keep it simple (simplicity is the key!). To fix this edit your navigation bar and only keep the most important things and those that will be most beneficial to the viewers and try to fit all items within one horizontal line. Another option is clubbing one or two items within one heading, for example; “FAQs” and “Contact Us” can come under “About the Company”, or you could just go with a mew template all together.

When there’s a big empty area on your website and it just won’t go away: so there you are, sitting at your desk, you’ve made amends to your navigation bar, horizontal menu and everything’s set but there is a huge blank space on the side of your website and it just won’t go away. For this scenario there are two possibilities as to why you have arrived to such a nerve wrecking situation. First, you might be using a template that was designed to have a side bar but you have not filled it, if you don’t fill it, the blank space will just sit there, so you could either fill it or as mentioned earlier change the template all together. Second, you’re using a split navigation template but you don’t have any subpages to use it with. The split navigation means that a part of your navigation will show up at the top of the page at the header and the subpages will appear at left or right side or even at the bottom of the page. To get rid of this we suggest you simply switch to a better template.


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