A computer is a must have need for every person nowadays. In the growing era of technology, the name ‘Computer’ can’t be separated from our lives. But it’s always difficult to choose a good computer and for making up with a good computer, we need to be much smarter while buying its components. Well, we need to always opt for the best components from our Computer so that our computer can meet all our needs and budget.Also you can search for all these components availability in you city by searching Computers in Mumbai in Classifieds websites. Hopefully today I would deliver some tips that would help you to choose the right Hardware components while buying a Computer.



1. Motherboard

When choosing a motherboard, don’t be always focused to the popular brand, look for what features does that motherboard provides depending upon your needs and requirements. I recommend a motherboard chipset which has several charming features like SATA II, good for BIOS hit, etc.

2. Processor

When choosing a processor, I recommend you to go with the fastest that you can afford. Well, there are several available opinions for processor but I advise you to go with Intel as it is the most trusted and the brand in providing quality processors. Well, go with i3 or i5 processor if you have affordable budget.

3. Graphic Card

Well, graphic Card is yet another important computer hardware component. But its usage varies from person to person. Like, if you like playing lots of games which require high Video memory, or even if you do work related to graphic designing then go with a graphic card of 1 GB. If you’ve almost no use, then go with lowest size graphic card depending upon what you need. My recommendation is possibly go for NVIDIA as they provide quality graphic cards.

4. RAM/Memory

Having a convenient RAM/Memory plays a vital role for System performance because if you have a sufficient RAM, then you can access several programs simultaneously on your computer with ease and with a faster speed. Well, even if you are doing any photo/video editing and designing works, or gaming, then too RAM plays a major role. You can go with 1 GB, 2 GB… or more depending upon your convenience and budget.

5. Sound Card

A good Sound card is also required to make up a good computer. Well, my recommendation is to go with a good sound card depending upon your need because if you’re going to apply it for your office use, then you need not a home theatre. Also, a good sound card and balanced speakers with it is also important.

6. Hard Drive

Hard drive is the next tackle you would be facing while buying computer components. For any computer, the bigger the hard drive, the better it would be. Although, bigger hard drive would allow you to save lots of data in your computer and if it’s smaller, then you will have to face problems while saving data in your computer. I recommend minimum 500 GB Hard Disk.

7. Keyboard and Mouse

It is also important to choose quality keyboard which can make your typing easy and smooth. While choosing a keyboard, it always important that you can type with ease and comfort and make sure that all the keys are in a good location according to your hand size and comfort.

8.  Monitor

Go with LCD monitors as they are in trend nowadays as they provide large screen and a good resolution. Minimum 17 inches LCD is recommended from our side. Also, you can go with LED monitors as they provide an awesome visual experience and even they do not shine much.

So, folks, here I’m done with sharing few tips that you should keep in mind while buying Computer Hardware components.

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