It’s been a tricky few years for the games industry. They have been a popular scapegoat for everything from time wasting to inspiring violence. In fact, just this January Nasdaq entered the red zone while a major development studio and even a publisher were shut down and split up respectively.

A buzzword across the business world is innovation, and this is how games will continue to grow. Despite it being believed that 2015 will see the industry hit $70 billion, growth is slowing. People don’t have as much money to spend on games and that means the ecosystem is seeing a shift of rich publishers getting richer and weak ones getting weaker. So where do we see the evolution going?


A lot of games have added interactive gaming to their bow. But, things like FIFA haven’t necessarily made the switch successfully. Ever since the joy stick we’ve had devices to create interaction but now it’s human interface that is the big deal. Nintendo Wii’s flew off the shelves when that console was released as when whole-body interaction was offered.

Initially a great way to get kids off the couch and have some physical interaction, and people continue to enjoy it. This is moving the video game away from a narrative and into a full immersive experience where you are fully involved with the game. No longer are we content with a story, the interactivity and immersive nature of gamers means that we want to be deeper involved. A big step up from headsets that were billed as getting you into gaming mode.



The continued advancements that come with the internet have seen physical video games retailers go belly up. Iconic chain HMV was the latest to close and fundamental changes might lead to a new style of store. If I asked you what are the top 10 pc games and where can I buy them, you’d tell me to head to Steam. Their cheap deals and endless library has made it the forerunner in gaming sales.

It’s not a case of loyalty, price and convenience anywhere but there needs to be a reinvention somewhere along the line. Community is a big word and GAME has made its stores become hubs of gaming activity. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see branded stores in the next few years. Many people know what they’re going to get and with branding for things like FIFA and Angry Birds so strong, they could have their own shops as the retail part of the games industry gets a radical makeover.


Trilogies and things like Tomb Raider are on the list for most anticipated video games of 2013, and this could turn into an issue. Consumers are crying out for originality and while FPS tends to be the most popular, strategy games are also big business. The expansion packs that you get with PC games like Civilization gives gamers new things to look at play for and enjoy. But, some things need to be given a new lease of life to keep the genre thriving. Bigger maps, maybe a career mode and some sort of freedom would all be a good start.

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